• Cats are obviously better.

    Cats are far better than dogs because they're affectionate like dogs but don't always follow you around. They'll be your companion when you need them and keep their distance when you don't. Dogs, On the other hand, Are big and obnoxious and they drool all over things. Cats are cute and small and they are the actual best pet.

  • Cats are better, Just no objectively so

    Cats are a lot cuter for me, I way prefer them. This is because they don't require as much attention, This is a plus side for many people as they just don't have the time. Cats are also calmer and require less care, Which is useful for people who get stressed easier

  • Cats, Cats, Cats

    When you say dogs are better that is a personal opinion so now I am going to tell you my opinion I have a cat and a dog and I love them both with all my heart so I think I am in a position to tell you what I think having lived with both, So I know the pros and cons and I can honestly say that cats are better. When you say cats run away you are obviously giving them a rubbish home. Cats have free will we are not bribing them with food and treats if they want to love you that is their own choice cats are very loyal and love their owners and people they know well but if they don’t love at first sight then you can hardly blame them.
    Cats are better in my opinion but that is just my opinion.

  • Cats are the best! :)

    I think cats are much better than dogs as a pet. Cats get a bad rap for being cold and selfish but anyone who has had one will know how amazing they are. I still think dogs are lovely but cats are definitely better. These are my reasons:

    Cats are cleaner
    Cats are smarter
    Cats are safer
    Cats take up less space
    Cats are more trustworthy
    Cats’ love mean more
    Cats are cheaper
    Cats live longer
    Cats are like humans
    Cats have their own mind
    Cats are not slaves

  • Dogs are man's best friend

    Have you ever heard the saying man's best friend? Well why doesn't that apply to cats? Because cats haven't laid down their life for us. You always hear about dogs risking their life for dogs, But it's rare to hear the same about cats.

    "Cats are not slaves"- Pagan_gal
    Whoever said dogs were? It is not slavery when dogs are obedient to us, It is a matter of loyalty. They have a free will and they choose to serve us which is very honorable.

    Cats are like humans- Pagan_gal

    Well, Dogs are more like humans. In fact, They are the only creature that will look wherever you point without training. This shows that they want to be like us, More so than cats.

    "Cats are cheaper" - Pagan_gal

    Yes, Cats are cheaper, But wouldn't that be an indication that they are worth less?

    "Cats live longer"- Pagan_gal

    Well yes and no. Cats do live longer but on average, Cats sleep up to three hours more than dogs do, So do they really live longer?

    "Cats are easier to train" - Pagan_gal

    I don't know where you got this, But cats are definitely not easier to train. Why do you see dogs performing tricks, But when you see a cat do a trick it is a rare sight?

    Ultimately, Wheather you like cats better or dogs if solely based on opinion. And I have just stated my rationale as to why I think dogs are better

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