Are Caucasian’s being discriminated against?

Asked by: MaggieMae76
  • Dna proves otherwise while color skin still categorizes.

    The old saying "its because I'm black" swings just as harmfully in the other direction, when you are automatically branded a racist "whitey" just because your skin is white, regardless of your ethnic history. Your grandparents could have come over in the 1930's from Europe and had absolutely nothing to do with America's slave history or its policies and because you are white, you are automatically a racist.

  • The pendulum swings

    When I ride my indo board, the main danger I have is that I will over correct and fall. But don't I need to correct imbalances? Of course. It is the same in the realm of racial discrimination. Because African Americans, Chinese, and others have been discriminated against by Caucasians in the past, they have to be extremely careful what they say and do, and African Americans especially often view Caucasians as an enemy. Caucasians are still prejudiced as well from time to time, of course. Racism is an issue no matter who it comes from.

  • We are not responsible

    If you are saying to me that Caucasians deserve unfair treatment because we enslaved human races and such, you should really consider that most of us were not alive at those times and most of us felt that was wrong. That is kind of like saying that we should discriminate against all Muslims because of a few terrorists groups... It's wrong.

  • Yes, as are other races.

    everyone is being discriminated in one way or another. But when race is involved, it (in my opinion) makes it racist automatically, with the exception of describing and probably other ones that i havent thought of yet. The point is, everyone is being discriminated against, and that is something that you cannot discriminate about. Discrimination is not discriminating.

  • Of Course, Especially Males

    My son, with a 3.97 GPA, started applying for colleges last year. While I've always felt there is discrimination against Caucasians, the college scholarship and grant program proves it. We borrowed a copy of the comprehensive scholarship/grant listing from another parent. This book is thousands of pages and we struggled to find anything he qualified for as a white male. There are thousands of scholarships for African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other races, but very few for white males. It's easier to get grants as an illegal immigrant than it was for him to get any money.

  • Absolutely and anyone who says otherwise IS incorrect.

    Whites are being taught to feel guilty 24/7 about what our ancestors did. Enough is enough. Minorities, specifically blacks, are being taught whites are keeping them down. That whites are the cause of all their problems. Going so far as to incite race war. Martin Luther King Junior DID NOT ASK FOR THIS! This is not peace! Blacks literally have a game called "The Knock Out Game" where they find a random, innocent white and BEAT HIM INTO UNCONSCIOUSNESS. And this is fine, because they're white?! Affirmative Action?! Where you get scholarships based on your skin! How racist is that!

    This is horrific and evil.

  • Today’s American Blacks Hate For Hate’s Sake.

    Over 650,000 white men died freeing the slaves during the Civil War. They DIED. They gave their lives for the cause of freeing the slaves. Where is the thanks for their sacrifice? Blacks on the African continent sold their own people into slavery, and the practice continues to this day. Yet somehow Caucasians living today, over 150 years after the Civil War, are being blamed for buying slaves from Africans. The people are long dead that bought slaves in this country, but African slavers still sell their own kind. How is it that every white person today is blamed for slavery (though none of us had one thing to do with it since we are many generations removed from that time period), but there is no hatred directed toward the blacks that still sell slaves, nor is there any gratitude toward the hundreds of thousands of whites that fought to free the slaves and the whites that died for the slaves sake? And why are we hated for our skin color even when our ancestors came through Ellis Island and had never had anything at all to do with slavery? Not one black person, born in this country and alive today, has ever been a slave. Neither were their parents or grandparents. And, for the most part, neither were their great grandparents. It seems blacks hate whites because they like to hate, not because whites have ever done anything to them.

  • I'm tired of being called a typical white girl.

    I'm not going to say that I've had an unhappy life. I love my family, and I consider myself lucky to have been as fortunate as we have been. But I am so tired of not being able to talk about how people calling me pasty, whitey, cracker, and even white trash is racist. People just don't seem to understand that racist doesn't just have to be Caucasians discriminating Mexican, Asian, African, Native American, or any other race. If I were to even say something like: "I like that painting over there, the one that black guy is standing next to!" I would almost instantly get disgusting looks and be labeled a 'racist' just because I stated the color of someone's skin.
    I'm just really tired of it.

  • Historically racial discrimination was never just a white thing

    Historically conquering races often enslaved those they conquered. The Aboriginal peoples of North America for example. The Haida enslaved members of other tribes they warred with. Does that make it right, of course not. Racism is still rampant in non-Caucasian cultures but is spoken of. There is no just racism. Ending racism should mean moving towards a focus on us a human race, not dividing us by skin tone.

  • Cry me a river it's 2016

    Whatever. If you want to dwell on the past and be just like who you hate because your blinded bye ego go ahead. Your right. We all need someone to blame. Irish who are very white were also enslaved. Women in other countries these days are treated like property. Bye their own race. Gay's of any color are still killed to this day. So please spare me your marginal statistics. They are very extreme. Why not blame someone else. You don't have to look at yourself. Your judging a book bye it's cover and that is absolutely your misery. You're choice. Alot and I can quote thousands of facts of other races besides whites have done crimes against humanity to their own people. But why not. Keep blaming someone else.

  • No, you people have so many opportunities

    Sure, you may think whites have it so hard. All these different cultures growing in 'your country'. Whites have so many more opportunities, and as an Asian, I almost find it offensive that you believe your life is so hard. People like me have fought for our opportunities, faced racisim, criticism, all while being stereotyped. You've never understood the hardships of being discriminated against. So in a sarcastic note, I'm so sorry for your 'suffering' but try being a Indian women in America, and you tell me about your struggles.

  • Ummmmm..........were my people (Caucasian) owned for their skin color?

    Yes, I acknowledge that some white people have gotten dirty looks, but didn't e deserve that? We enslaved an entire race, nearly wiped out all Native-Americans, and took a lot of land from Mexico. I hope that I am not judged for the horrible crimes against humanity my race has committed

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