Are Caucasians discriminated against in some scholarships?

  • I believe that they are

    If you look at the scholarship qualifications for many different schools, one thing is consistently the same. They all want to diversify their populations with people of many backgrounds.For example, if a white Protestant student is smart enough and wants to go to a certain school but cannot go for financial reasons, than the college will pick the not as academically qualified minority student .

  • Absolutely They Are

    No scholarship should ever have anything to do with race or any physical characteristic of people. What's next, we start awarding scholarships based upon hair and eye color or height and weight? It's patently absurd.

    Your race has nothing to do with your abilities to perform academically and should therefore have nothing to do with scholarships.

  • NO they are not

    Remember, discrimination and racism only applies if is done by Caucasians. I'm a naturalized American, I came from Colombia I have no illusions about race. I can scream racism and have an advantage in court simply because. Sad fact but...Is not racism or discrimination unless the victim is not caucasian.

    Posted by: N711

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