• I think that they are good role models

    They are good role models because they help the poor and raise awareness to bullying. The media do not realize the good they do but they always mange to capture the inappropriate things they do.
    Instead the media should tell the children alll the good they do so that they do it too, and not the bad.

  • You take the good with the bad

    Life will not shield your children from the horrors that do on in the world. There are good and bad people in ever profession known to man. Celebrities that make some mistakes are no different from any other human being. Our children will make mistakes that same as we did. We learned so will they. Celebrities can show how things can turn out, good or bad. If my kid watched Justin Beiber miss his life up on drugs that just shows him this is not something I want to do, he has already shown the world it can get ugly.

  • Despite different views on the subject, celebrities are very great role models .

    They make children dream and believe about the possibilties of becoming famous, so children have a person to aspire to be. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Childish Gambino, Justin Bieber started off great in their career. Besides negative effects that's good. If that child or teenager decides to find a cure for cancer it could be because they were persuaded to do great things...

  • They teach us very important things like showing who they really are

    They teach us good things like being yourself and being nice and not to do things that are bad like smoking weed so they are cool just let them be there self and teach us good lessons like not to hurt people like your friends family and pets and not to say bad words!!!!

  • Influential to Everyone

    The are just and example of what happens when you try hard and put effort into achieving your dreams. Also, we all know that the Justin Beibers and Miley Cyrus' are out there, but it's your choice who you choose to look up too. Don't blame all celebrities. Most are good people.

  • Yes celebrities are good role models

    Yes. They're not afraid to show who they are and what they can do and they're not afraid to come out whereas around 10 years ago they wouldn't be able to because people were so judgemental and wouldn't agree with it, and now they can come out without people disagreeing with it. Take Sam smith for example; if he would have turned around 10 years ago saying he was gay then he would have got so much grief whereas no it's not such a big deal. On the other hand you have Justin bieber smoking weed and drinking and lashing out on his fans. Do we really want people like him influencing our dicisions in life? I know I don't.

  • Celebrities are the best

    Celebrities are amazing role models for everyone. They give hope and show kids that dreams CAN come true, you just have to work for it. They donate to charities, they interact with them as well. Honestly, you can't get much better than a celebrity for a role model, they really are the best.

  • Celebrities are the best

    Celebrities are living proof of what can happen if your dedicated to chase your dream. Celebrities often give to charity and it's good to give back when you have been given a lot.Celebrities often say things in interviews that they know will positively influence their fans , especially Young /teen girls.Yeah thee are some bad celebrities out there but most are good and we need to follow them and make the world a better place

  • Celebrities are great role models

    They are good because they can inspire others who don't have enough confident in themselves to step up and follow their dreams. To not let what other people think or say to them get in the way of your heart, and to never doubt yourself even if you fail so many times. It will only make you rise up and make you stronger.

  • Celebrities are the best

    They are good role models that give millions and millions of dollars to poor people. They show that no one is perfect. We learn from celebrities. Some parents tell their children celebrities' advices. But do not follow any celebrity. You only have to follow the good advices that celebrities give.

  • Some are good influences others aren't

    Although a select few celebrities do help make a good impact around the world like charity and others get to where they are by a hard work ethic. These celebrities of course we should follow by example and look up to. But the same cannot be said about the rest of them. A big handful of them have drug issues and are involved in gang violence. These celebrities should not be looked up to in anyway and because of that reason I do not think they are good role models. And as it is in all groups of people. There will be a negative stigma surrounding them because of either a few individuals or even a majority.

  • Celebrities are not role models

    Some are good; but many of them are not good for children. They do help the poor;they do help the people. But if there is a single bad influence among people, It cannot be allowed!
    That's why. Some are really rude and they really needs more education how to be nice.

  • Of course not

    We idolize rappers and celebrities that are awful role models and act like children, Overly obsessed with shiny chains, Drugs and fast cars the same way kids obsess over candy and toys then we praise them and make them seem like they are somehow better than all the other humans on earth based on the money in their bank account and the people that obsess over them

  • They just aren't.

    They definitely don't make good role models as they are humans, And humans have their own opinions and choices, A lot of which can be wrong or immoral. The fact that people blindly follow celebrities can be extremely harmful to the entire society. Whenever a celeb does something wrong, Fans jump up to defend, And take them as their role model, Continuing in their path.

  • Celebrities are not good role models because. .

    Even though they might seem good in public, Even they have their habits and sometimes their influence can affect many young children, Leading them in the wrong direction. This is why they are not good role models for any one that looks up to them, They are liars in disguise. Do not take them as a good influence.

  • No no no

    They are paid for teaching young people that drugs are good and changing how u look to “ perfect ” is a good thing when in reality this is wrong and cele - braties are awful when money could go to help the sick instead of their pockets for what

  • They are fake

    Celebrities can be fake and aren’t what they say they are or what the media says they are. Most of the time celebrities are paid to say things that are not really them self. However, There are some great celebrities out there that a great role models. Take JJ Watt for an example, He has fundraisers and The words that come out of his mouth or from him and not a manager. So there are lots of good role models and celebrities out there but there’s also lots of bad ones.

  • Twists the Truth to Suit the Producers

    Reality TV is dishonest it pretends to show “reality” but it actually twists the truth to suit the programme makers. The shows are not really “real” they are carefully cast to get a mix of “characters” who are not at all typical. Mostly they show a bunch of young, Good-looking self-publicists, Who will do anything to get on TV. Usually the programme producers try to ensure excitement by picking people who are likely to clash with each other. They then place them in unnatural situations, Such as the Big Brother or The Survivor, And give the participants strange challenges in order to provoke them into behaving oddly. Finally the makers film their victims for hundreds of hours from all angles, But only show the most dramatic parts. Selective editing may be used to create “storylines” and so further manipulate the truth of what really has happened.

  • Yes they are good role modles

    They are good roel models m y n a m e i s n o t m u m i t s K a r e n p l e a s e d o n o t c a l l m e m u m f o r m y r e a l n a m e i s K a r e

  • Mostly, They Aren't

    Sure, Some celebrities use their influence to do good, But that doesn't change the fact that they are on pedestals. Why do we act as though every celebrity is a God, When they are only human beings, Same as the rest of us. Also, More often then not, Celebrities make reckless, Even dangerous, Choices and you, Impressionable teens then follow their lead, Thinking that it is the correct path to take.

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