• They will realistic celebrity lives

    The question as it is posed is implying that celebrities' lives are not realistic because they don't live lives similar to ordinary people. However, their lives are realistic within the framework of their celebrity status. It is realistic to expect that if one becomes celebrated today, one's life will change drastically in many aspects. It is unrealistic to expect that one's life would remain the same if they became a celebrity.

  • Celebrities can buy their way into anything.

    The life of a celebrity is not realistic. Their unlimited resources are something that the average person will never experience. Most celebrities never have to worry about food, clothing, or shelter. They have enough money to never have to worry about the finances of their children either. Most people are never able to live with this type of comfort..

  • Celebrity lives in America

    I think that celebrities live very fake and lead on lives. Their agents take care of a lot for them and this may include decision making and hard thinking that should be left to the person and not some high paid person that works for a famous person just so maybe someday he can live a life just like his client. They are fake. All of them. Including the ones you love dearly to your heart. Fake!

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