• Cell Phones can Help Children

    Cell phones are excessive to a child's transition into a young adult. When transitioning into a young adult it can cause for your child to receive more responsibilities which causes for it to be hard to keep track of everything by yourself. Cell phones are helpful safe and needed by children within the ages of 11 and above.

  • Children don't need phones!!

    Do you think kids should have cell phones? I don’t! First of all, it takes away face to face time. It also can make your friends feel left out. Finally, kids spend too much time on cell phones. Cell phones are not for kids.

    It takes away face to face time because, why? Your friends can feel left out. Also, spending time with family is important. Lastly, it takes away time to talk in person.

    Another reason is that your friends can feel left out. Why? You're not giving them your full attention. This shows friends you don’t care. Then friends think they're not important.

    Lastly, kids spend too much time on cell phones. Kids are constantly texting. This leads to them texting at night when they're supposed to be sleeping. Finally, cell phones are used too much for games, calls and constant texting.

    I think kids shouldn’t have cell phones because it takes away face to face contact, you friends can feel left out, and lastly, kids spend too much time on cell phones. In conclusion, cell phones should only be used for emergencies.

  • Children do not need phones at such a young age.

    Children are to young to get a phone. They could be spending more time on their electronics instead of their family, which is unhealthy and can lower their sleeping ability. They do not know what is inappropriate or not and if they see something like that they can get on a verge and want to see more! Also your children can be in danger talking to a kidnapper or someone they do not know.

  • Cell phones must be banned for students

    Phones are like drugs and once they are used we wanted more and more of it.So, students must avoid it if they want to have a bright future ahead.Students can use it in their further life as they should focus more in building their career.They indulge themselves in these social apps and waste their precios time.

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  • Cell phones are bad!!!!!!!!!

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  • Children need phones, but not at such a young age.

    I believe that TEENS need phones. Not kids. Teens are more responsible with keeping the phone safe and to use it for the many reasons of being a teenager. What I mean by this is, teens have more use for it. Kids would probably just play games, while teens would use it for calling home or parents.
    Most people use phones just for communication. Others only have phones for games and social media. I am a teen, I don't have a phone, and I'm not against having cell phones because I don't have one. I'm against it because people use phones for irresponsible uses. I would only use my phone or any device (for ex. Computer) to communicate with family and relatives around the world.
    Students also have descending grades because of electronics. I admit, myself don't have the best grades because of my IPod. But middle schoolers have their phones out during class. Even though it's not aloud, kids break the rules to post things on social media, or play games. So when they are on their phones during class, they're not paying attention. Even at home, instead of doing their homework or studying, they are on their phones. That's my problem, I recently got my IPod taken away for my grades!
    In conclusion, I don't think phones are good for kids.

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  • They don't need them at such a young age.

    At the age of 10 a child in this generation will have a cell phone, And i get it when they need it for when they go on a trip or something so you can keep in touch with them. But there are so many violent video games out there, and some kids might think that they have to act just like the person in the game. Or what people say in the games like swear words are bad for a kid to hear.

  • Children don't need cell phones, if they do get a track phone.

    Kids do not need cell phones, it can distract them. When I say my kid wont get one until they can afford it or until they drive, other people are surprise. If they want one before that there are phone that only call home or 911. I think those are great.

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  • Cellphones are not bad for kids so screw you haters!

    Cellphones are not bad for kids because if we get into trouble than we need a phone to call our parents. If there is an accident at school we need a phone to call our parents. If we are at a friends house than we need to call our parents.

  • Cell phones are need by children at a certain age

    Cell phones being needed by children but only at a certain age. These devices may seem like atrocities to other but might be appreciated by children who need a cell phone. Cell phones are not as bad as people think because they can help and are useful to many people.

  • Kids are unresponsible and can easily lose or break

    Acording to my debate after school i will prove that phones are not good for kids and they are easily lost or broken and they always are prank calling. I have been trying to inspire kids not to use these devices and i think they are a disruption to class and to brains they are not focusing.

  • They are not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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  • Children NEED Cell Phones

    I believe children about 9 and older will need a cell phone due to the fact that the amount of problems in our society, not just predators and rapists, but also getting lost in the supermarket/mall, reminding a mother of soccer practice, or to ask a friend how to do homework.

    We live in a world where parents cannot be around children 24/7. The pressures of work and school alone have forced my family to partly rely on public transportation as my main route of transportation.

    As for this 'pregnant at 12' thing, that is an extremity.

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