• They can be great

    I can remember a time of searching for pay phones when being lost somewhere. Once cell phones were created it simplified life. If people are out by themselves and have an emergency, help is always just a phone call away and with a cell phone, it's a lot easier to call that help. It also makes it easier to reach friends and family in a hurry if you need to. They can have their downfalls but the pros of cell phones outweigh the cons enough to say they are very good for our life.

  • Cellphones, evolving humanity

    Cell phones are one of the most significant inventions in the last century. The ability to contact another person via a completely wireless signal allows virtually most of the world to communicate with each other twenty-four hours a day. Now with the rise of smartphones, the combination of Internet and phone calling capability will further shape our lives.

  • They really suck

    They emit cancerous radiation into us every single second we are in contact with it. I dont know why you would want yourself to have cancer, only cause you want to look popular? Thats just a dumb reason to have a cell phone. I bet once you get cancer none of the people you talk to will head a lesson from your experience with a cell phone.

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