Are cell phones interfering with our children's education?

Asked by: sschlichting
  • I've been in the warzone.

    I hear teachers tell kids to put away their phones 3x a day. I don't use mine but then i'll think about that text i just got and want to reply to, but i can't because some teachers are very strict about it. It's not always an interference, but kids are getting phones and other devices at younger ages. I've seen an 8 y.O. With an ipad. And that doesn't even sound that strange anymore. Those kids are the ones who need more regulation so they don't play games in school. Older kids are probably texting and browsing social media.
    But honestly i think if they aren't blatantly ignoring the teacher and texting away it should be their fault for not paying attention and failing. But that's just me.

    Posted by: tyes
  • Many students are addicted to texting. They are texting friends during classes rather than being on task.

    As an educator, I have found that many students can't seem to leave their cell phones alone. They are texting from their pockets, by using cell phones in their hands under their desks, etc. Although I have used cell phones for opinion poles and some exam review, I feel that they have been more of a hindrance to education than a benefit.

  • I think cell phones should not be allowed in schools like Indian education

    I am not saying that Indian education is the best way of education. But still it lets the students concentrate on whatever is being taught to them. This way teaching becomes wholesome and yielding. Teachers should be strict about it and should be aware of what kinds of cybercrimes young teens can commit and take some steps to prevent it

  • Cell phones are actually a learning tool.

    Think of how important your cell phone is to your job. Cellphones are used every day and have become so important in the modern world. Use of cell phones in schools does need to be restricted but should be used for learning. My teachers post work on slide shows and i put reminders on my phone when I have an appointment with a teacher or counselor. Phones are also useful as a calculator. I have a friend how works better when he is listening to music from his phone. He is distracted easily but can tune out those distractions with music. I find that I work best when I am happy. Music will cheer me up and therefore my work output is much better. Phones can be very useful in schools as long as they are used for learning.

  • The issue is the foundation of modern schooling.

    Hardly. Excessive cellphone usage is the result of societal pressure to conform, usually brought on by the schooling environment to begin with. In the end, what -actually- interferes with children's educations is mandatory, institutionalized "education", or rather, indoctrination. A child can never, under any circumstances be forced to learn information. When information is forced, it is indoctrination, and no longer education. Yet children are notorious for impeccable curiosity and an intrinsic passion for discovery. It is not that children are repulsed by learning, rather, the state of education.

    Unfortunately, the children of the United States are not living the freedoms necessarily granted by their Constitution. Particularly the Bill of Rights, students already face infringements upon their First, Second (though this one can be debated due to age), Fourth, and Ninth Amendment rights. They are forced into an institution, against their will, and fed information on a regular basis. I shall reiterate: Forced information is not education; it is indoctrination.

    For those who might remain skeptical, I sincerely recommend researching the origin of modern, American education. Simply look up the foundation of Prussian education and its adaptation into American schooling by Horace Mann. The information is not hidden in the slightest; people simply neglect it for their own, mental security.

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