• Yes it is safe

    Our cell phones are much more safe than we think,because when we text with some of our friends ,our message will be locked out to someone who we don't know.For example many of us have got finger print password phones,you can't open your phone without yuor finger print and no one can't open your phone withour you.In many internet web sites ,many of them has got special web site protections ,and that's enough to tell cellphones are safe.

    Good luck for your debate :)

  • Very useful amongst the human race.

    Much humanity has a dependence of cell phones.
    They are able to:
    Easily allow communication between others
    Provide a form of entertainment for those that play apps on smartphones
    Allow access of information
    And the list goes on...
    Overall, cell phones provide a huge benefit to our society that we need in a world such as today.

  • Cellphones are evil

    Cellphones can ruin your DNA, it could also get you cancer over 20-30 years. You put all of your stuff on it and if professional hackers can get into it then they could get all of your information like where you live or what your email is. I a prove this message!

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