• All censorship laws are fascist.

    The question proposed is not the relevent question as anything that limits personal freedom is fascist. The correct question would be along the lines of 'To what extent are censorship laws necassay'? To whatever extent the laws in this area are not necassary you will find increasing fascist policies along with a decrease in personal liberties in other areas.

  • No, and some British laws are a pleasure to imagine in action

    Britain is not a fascist country, but like any civilized nation
    it does place some restrictions on speech and other forms of
    communication. Some are quite serious, like the rules that forbid inciting
    racism and terrorism. Others are rather quaint, like the rules against
    imagining the death of a monarch and murmuring a judge. It is hard to see how
    someone could be persecuted for imagining the death of a monarch. Murmuring a
    judge actually means spreading slander about him or her, and most would agree that
    should be discouraged. Britain is a country of sensible laws, usually.

  • Censorship is designed for everyone

    Censorship in the UK is comparable to that in any other industrialized country. With massive amounts of data flying at a person at any point during the day, it is important that children be sheltered from certain messages, images, or actions. The argument that parents should be monitoring their kids better just is not viable in an economy that either strands a single parent supporting a household or two working parents that are not able to monitor their children at the same levels as in the past due to both working. The state then feels it has a responsibility to act where the parents cannot. Censorship rarely applies to full suppression of content. Often it is just keeping nudity and violence out of the grasp of those who are impressionable.

  • No, they aren't.

    I do not believe that the censorship laws in England are fascist. Fascism is much more strict and serious than some laws pertaining to prohibiting speech that promotes racial hatred or hatred towards a minority group. Those laws are in place to protect people. The people who want to hurt others with their words or physically with the violence their words could incite need no protection.

  • English censorship law is smart, not fascist

    Censorship laws in England are not fascist. They are simply written to keep the peace. People there do not have a right to insult or harass others verbally because it is considered behavior that might upset others in a personal way or even lead to violence. The English are better than the Americans this way.

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