Are certain cultures more likely to foment revolution?

Asked by: yjson24.o
  • Egalitarian cultures are less likely

    Revolution usually seems to come from real or perceived persecution/ unfairness. So, if your culture has that, it will be more likely to end up in revolution as we have seen throughout the ages.

    Interestingly, if people think they are fairly dealt by, even under a dictatorship, they are unlikely to start a revolution. If you are content, and your needs are met, where would the passion for revolution come from?

  • Mainly the entitled.

    There is only one way to actually gain the respect of people. You earn it. Some people just don't get that. They feel that just because they exist, they are entitled to it. Then, when they don't get it, they act up. Do they really think causing riots will give their group respect?
    I think a big part of the problem is that some groups pass down the idea that they are being discriminated against to the point where they become like a hammer convinced they are surrounded by nails. That, no matter what another group says or does, they said/did it out of racism.

  • I think yes .

    Some cultures are used to getting things done the quiet way (wich sometimes takes forever but they can wait ) . Some cultures have had enough and want some justice so they join organizations and make a revolution . And some cultures just dont take crap from anyone . Done .

  • One reason that the likely hood of a revolution would be greater is

    Cultures are based on tradition and where people are born from. Some cultures might want to make a change depending on what is happening in their particular region. The chance of a revolution would be bigger if the government was undermining the society, then the government would have more and more people trying to overthrow the system.

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