• Yes, I think certain jobs are beyond the reach of outsourcing.

    I think jobs that directly interact with people face to face are much harder to outsource, an in home nurse is a very hard job to outsource for example, I think the vast majority of technology jobs are easily outsourced but many jobs that require personal interaction are much harder to outsource.

  • Some things must stay local

    It is a simple fact that certain jobs simply must stay local. You are not going to be able to cook a burger in India and have it ready in time for a fast food joint in middle America. So while some jobs may go, some will always be protected.

  • Complex knowledge of an organization is crucial for some positions.

    Although it is often surprising how many types of jobs can be outsourced if necessary, I believe it is in the best interest of a business to maintain a certain percentage of staff as loyal, long-term employees.

    Every business has a unique culture, hierarchy, and history. It is crucial to have people on staff who have a long enough relationship with the business to understand these things. Businesses need staff who understand what goals the business has, how it has pursued them in the past, and the structures and procedures it has put in place to pursue its goals in more efficient ways.

  • Services are local.

    Yes, certain jobs are beyond the realm of outsourcing, because there will always be some services that cannot be done by people overseas. For example, they cannot outsource nursing. They also cannot outsource a lawyer that needs to be licensed in your jurisdiction and stand with you in court. Services cannot be handled overseas because they are localized.

  • Yes, some jobs are beyond the realm of outsourcing.

    I believe that some companies are beyond the realm of outsourcing. I think that some jobs are just better and more efficient when it is taken cared of by local employees. Some issues are also better to be taken cared of by people who understand the customers as well and are relatable.

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