• Charter schools provide quality education without the cost of private school.

    Charter schools consistently deliver higher test scores than public schools overwhelmed with bureaucracy. Unlike private schools, which also deliver a superior education, charter schools are paid for by tax dollars and thus free and open to all parents. Rather than seeking to shut down charter schools due to the supposed inequity they create, we should either create more charter schools or expand them into the standard for all public schools.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Charter schools are an excellent choice.

    My kids were attending a public school. One of my daughter struggled in Math. The teacher didn't offer to help het at all. The teacher had spent most of het time talking to another teacher across the hall from her door. I called the school to ask about my daughter progress the teacher never return my calls. I had just enroll my two daughters in charter school because I have heard great stories about how well the teachers teach the kids.

  • A Charter school attendant

    As a student who spent the majority of her life in a charter school, i was then and still am grateful that my parents made that choice for me. I attended a charter school between kindergarten and third grade. During my fourth year, my family moved out of state where i attended public school. After moving back in fifth grade, i was again accepted into my original charter school, where i continued my education there until graduation. The difference between public and charter schools is like night and day. I dreaded going to public school. The kids were harsh and i was bullied. Teachers did little about these conflicts and were also harsh to me and a few of my other classmates. I noticed that I was not taught the proper lessons and was falling behind my friends who stayed in the charter school. Public school teachers had little regard to their students and would take much of the class time for personal use, and they got away with it because of tenure. When I re-entered my charter school in fifth grade I was almost two grade levels behind! Fortunately, my top notch teachers helped me catch up and even surpass most of my classmates. Each one give me help when I needed and honestly cared for each one of their students. Their willingness to dedicate the majority of their time, run before and after school activities and becoming so attached to their students is outstanding. It was through the efforts of these teachers that I was able to graduate as salutatorian. I will definitely be putting my children into a charter school when the time comes.

  • Charter schools are a good idea because they allow educators to try new teaching methods and allow for students to develop under new educational styles.

    Charter schools are a good idea because they allow educators to try new teaching methods and allow for students to develop under new educational styles. Charter schools are often released from the shackles of regulations that many public schools are under. With less regulations educators can come up with innovative teaching methods that may boost graduation rates and lead to higher college enrollment numbers. These new methods could eventually be adopted by regular public schools. Also, students who may have struggled in a rigid public school system may be more successful in a charter school system due to new styles of teaching and encouragement.

    Posted by: 53r3n3Piers
  • The Education Unions do not protect children in the Womb!

    School Unions support systems and programs that I do not support. The school unions support (either directly or indirectly) the Democrat Party, Excessive unions, Planned Parenthood (pro abortion), Gun control (limiting our 2nd Amendment rights) and more. I support building a wall along our southern USA border and the Democrats do not support this safe measure to help protect our current and future USA citizens. I love children and do not want them killed in the womb.

  • Charter Schools are needed.

    While I understand some of the arguments against the charter schools, There are some good points. The only funding coming from the public schools, From what I can find out, Is the amount associated with the student that moves. If, In fact, The money was being solely used for this student in the public school, It should not make a difference. I do believe their needs to be more strict regulation as to the qualifications of teachers. Why do people fight change every step of the way? Charter schools are not mandatory. If a child does not go to a public school, The funding does not go there either. So essentially, There is no loss. The testing should be also consistent with public schools so they are on a level playing field upon graduation.

  • Kids need choices.

    Until the teachers' unions and school administrations in the public schools can provide a rich and safe educational environment, then charter schools need to an option to parents and students. The social problems that plague inner city schools should not condemn good students, who want to learn, to years in a fraught-filled environment. They should not be sacrificial lambs to the politics of the teachers' unions.

  • More room for your child to progress and grow with more ways for them to learn

    There are many different learning types for different people, like visual, aural, verbal, physical, and logical. This presents in each person differently. In many public schools today, they base it off of reading out of a book or doing lessons up front out of the book. Teachers nowadays do not get the fact that every student learns new information differently . With charter schools, it allows the student to know how they learn best, and excel from there. Joining a charter school does not mean you are less of a student, and is an under average student, it just means that public schools are not the best option for you.

  • I love that children can go to a school that suits there needs.

    If you are in a public school that isn't working well for your children, then definitely check out your charter schools. They are less regulated and vary widely, which is good! If your kid is struggling maybe he needs one that goes a slower pace, or maybe you need one for STEM students. The variety of education methods available give opportunity for kids to thrive.

  • A lot safer

    Charter schools are safer compared to traditional public schools. The Detroit Police Department gathered data, which said, “traditional public schools post higher rates of both reported crime and violent crime in school than do charter schools.”

    if you don't believe me, then here is a link to where I got the quote:

  • Charter schools exclude poor performing students

    Students that do not "make the grade" are shown the door. One way or another, kids that don't do well at charter schools leave and return to the few public non-charter schools left. This leaves the non-charter public schools to pick up the pieces and continue to complete with the charter schools.

  • I hate them.

    Charter school regulations vary greatly from state to state as do state-level achievement tests, which makes it difficult to compare school results or draw conclusions on a national basis. Parents who choose charters are often drawn to their small size and personalized learning environments, regardless of what the numbers say about academic performance.

  • Class size might not be that small in charter schools

    I don't know much about charter schools, my kids have only attended public schools, I am reading this comments just because my son is about to enter middle school and we are considering our options. I have read several comments that charter school class sizes are small "just about 25" If you consider that small, you should know that public schools classrooms rarely reach that number. On average, there are 18 students per teacher. I know this b/c I am teacher substitute and I see it.

  • Hardly fair odds

    Based on a study in DC, 88% of charter suspensions are of students of color. RACIST! Also, you expel all the bad kids and children with disabilities, which leaves Public Schools with kids who don't want to learn. There test scores end up being bad, but not because of bad teaching, but because the kids are reluctant to learn.

  • I go to a Charter school and hate it

    I started in charter school in 4th grade and recently graduated two years ago. I never felt welcomed by my teachers and found it difficult to participate. They try to fit you into a mold of what they consider the perfect person should be. They expected you to never bring up "pop-culture" and you couldn't talk about recent events. I graduated and didn't understand college or how to act in a class with 500 people. The professor didn't tell me when my assignments were missing and that confused me. Freshman year of college took a lot of adjusting. So in my opinion don't send your children to Charter school, it'll ruin them, not prepare them and won't teach them independence.

  • Support public schools!

    Our public schools – a transparent structure with many checks and balances which has fostered public schools for more than one hundred years. The best education is made democratically, in the local community by parents and teachers with the oversight of a publicly elected school board – all working together to meet the needs of their children.

  • Bad For Children

    Charter schools have no accountability. Public schools actually have a higher standard than charters. If a student is failing, they can just kick them out- don't want to show bad test scores. "Let's expunge that one." Who's watching or regulating? No one. And people who run them are just business people with no interest in how the kids do- Profit! Profit! Profit! Nothing else matters.

  • Double standards in education

    DESE's role is very odd here. They impose rigorous standards for real public schools. For instance, teachers have to earn credits for recertification every 5 years, yet charter school teachers don't have to be certified at all. Then DESE can impose a charter on a community even if a school committee doesn't want it, yet the town has the burden of financing it. Many charters also underserve special ed students and send discipline problems back to the real public schools. In short, the game is rigged and our public schools are being undermined.

  • No Private-Public Schools

    Unless you pay full private tuition, Charter Schools should not exist. This is a play to extract "smart" kids from public schools, and not pay tuition. Not that all kids in private schools are inherently smart. School taxes that people pay should not fund these "public/private" schools. The parents of the kids who attend them should pay the full costs for them to operate.

  • Charter schools are highly unregulated.

    "Highly unregulated" is all I need to know. I feel badly for the children, parents and the teachers. There's a lot of money to be made by top executives (wealthy backers). Please, if you're thinking of sending your children, please educate yourself as to what really goes on. Big profits.

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