• Yes, I think charter schools are generally better then public schools.

    I think overall Charter Schools are held and viewed as a better educational experience then Public Schools, overall Charter Schools know they need to perform at a high level or their enrollment levels will drop off which is what they depend on to continue operating, overall I think Charter Schools are generally better then Public Schools.

  • It is self-selecting.

    Yes, charter schools are generally better than public schools, because the people who are involved with charter schools want to be there. At charter schools, the students are there because their parents care about their educations and they want them to be there. The teachers want to be there too. It just works better.

  • Charter schools are not inherently better than public schools

    Charter schools are becoming increasingly popular because they are given leeway to operate in ways that public schools can't. However, this does not make them inherently better. Many operators simply ignoring rules about educating everyone - not just the best and brightest - and so their schools may seem to have higher test scores. They also ignore rules about teacher qualifications and unions, which makes it easier for the operators to run the place but doesn't necessarily improve the quality.

  • I do not believe that charter schools or public schools are better than one another.

    No, charter schools are not better than private schools on a general level. The ownership by a private and legally separate entity for a private school does not warrant much of a benefit over public school. If a private school tries to do something that should not be done, then it will cause poor performance. If the public schools try something not to be done, then it will also cause poor performance. However, charter schools are likely prone to experimental practices. I believe that it will take a while before we get consistent standards and quality from what is now in an experimental state, so it may be safer to take public school unless a charter school is proven better.

  • Not at all

    No, they are not any better than a normal public school is. They might have a little bit better equipment, since they can make a lot more money, but they do not give the kids any better of an education that a public school would be doing right now here.

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