• Schools arent the issue

    The issue really lies with the teachers. Most are lazy and feel entitled to things like summer vacation and tenure.

    I went to NYC public schools my entire life and had a horrible experience.

    I was put into the same classes as children with ADHD and other issues. Normally this isnt a problem but if a student becomes disruptive then they should be expelled from the school. I shouldnt have to sit in a classroom and here a teacher threaten to send a student to the principles office on a daily basis.

    Charters, on the other hand, have no issue expelling kids.

    This may seem cruel but we need dish washers and lawn mowers.

    My views may not help the cause but im right.

    I wasted a majority of my childhood sitting in classrooms with horrible classmates and teachers that wouldnt pass a psycological exam anywhere on this planet

  • Charter schools are good

    They can make there own rules. If a student is behaving badly than the school has the opportunity to expel the student without losing any money. Charter schools also provide more learning opportunities for the kids. They also help serve more low income kids that wouldn't be able to go to a public school.

  • Charter schools arent good

    It can Harm the students and according to Washington Post that only one in six of the state’s charter schools is”high-performing” and it notes that none of the online charters is “high-performing.” So our students get harmed and it is worse fore our economy, great that is just what we need when we are still in so much debt -Professional debator

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