• They are competitive.

    Yes, charter schools are the answer to the problems with public education in the USA, because both the private charter schools and the public schools will do better when they know that they have to compete for students. Charter schools are more responsible to the parents in that they have to offer an education that works.

  • Public Education is Broken

    The public education system in the United States is not working. Letting private groups and individuals come together to form schools on their own is a necessary evil. These schools might offer different and curriculum and are hard to manage, but the damage being done in public schools is real, and alternatives need to be on offer.

  • State requirements are the issue

    I feel that the government wants the u.S to be better than china, the problem with that is the lack of creativity, some kids will just go home and play video games or football (the american type), i like to explore computers, but instead of me going home and learning how to write c++ I have to do homework. At school subjects have little choice, students are forced to be in band at my school, instead of a time when kids could be doing something useful like finishing planned homework.

  • No, charter schools are not the answer to problems with the public education system in the USA.

    I do not think that charter schools are the answer to the problems American are having with the education system in the USA. I think the answer to the problem is trying to teach both kids and teachers that it is a privilege to go to school whether it's free or not.

  • Not at all

    No, charter schools are not any better at teaching our students than public schools are. The problem with public schools it the curriculum that is given to them by the state, and is not all that good at teaching students the material, because it is based on the standardized tests.

  • no, it's funding

    Funding is the main reason for public education failures in the United States. We have to bring the poorer schools in the impoverished areas up to date technologically and in every other way possible. Along with that, an update in science and math should be a federal mandate. That's the answer

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