• Yes, cheap oil prices are a good thing.

    Yes, cheap oil prices are a good thing. The price of oil over the last few years has climbed too quickly, resulting in the price of gas increasing faster than the standard inflation. This was causing people to spend a higher portion of their income simply on transportation to work, and not on other necessities of life.

  • Of Course It is

    Of Course it is a good thing that oil prices is low because it will benefited many people and businesses who spend lot of money on oil. They will cut their expenses and it just mean one more income and saving. So I don't think at all that cheap oil prices is a bad thing.

  • No, they would only increase global warming.

    Being a driver, it does sound great to have lower oil prices, but I understand that they would also negatively impact the environment in the long run. Having cheaper oil means people would feel more free to drive around, even if it's purely for leisure. The high prices may not stop global warming all together, but they are certainly a deterrent towards more pollution.

  • Cheap Oil Prices Won't Do Us Well in the Long Run

    While cheap oil is good in the short run, allowing people to spend less money and pushing unscrupulous investors into other territories that won't permanently scar the earth, expensive oil is better for us in the long run. This is because expensive oil pushes us to develop other alternatives that, in the end, will stop us from polluting the earth so much and also create a sustainable future for even those who are kids today.

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