• They are extremely sexist outfits.

    I've seen strippers wear clothing that showed less skin. The cheerleader outfits for girls and young women are usually skirts that barely cover their bottoms. The tops are usually tight fitting. If there are men in the cheerleading group, they get long bands and loose shirts. Where is the fairness in that?

  • Cheerleader uniforms are very sexist

    Cheerleader uniforms are very sexist and it seems they are getting sexier every year. I prefer the old days when not a lot of body skin was visible. Now when I am looking at cheerleaders, my mind only focuses on their sexy body instead of their cheerleader performance and show that they are putting. The ladies should focus more on performance instead of less clothes and dirty dancing.

  • Sexist but necessary

    Yes, they are Sexist, but no more so than any other athletics outfit. Think about it tennis, volleyball, track, gymnastics, people aren't just watching their skill sets lol. Womens basketball is the most covered and guess what nobody watches it. Would that be different if they had sexier outfits? Probably so. Is it right? No. Can anything be done to stop it? That's up to us isn't it.

  • Of course they're sexist.

    It's sexist to insist that women have to wear revealing clothing in order to participate in cheerleading whereas men do not, as it means that women who don't want to expose their bodies are marginalised. If the uniforms were truly non-sexist then the men would have to expose some flesh too (perhaps they could wear short shorts and crop tops?) - it would be nice for the ladies to have something to look at as well ;)

  • These outfits are insulting to the women of America.

    When I see cheerleaders, I don't see the happy, peppy girls that they are supossed to be. I see a sad, underpaid women that has been forced to follow stupid rules from an nfl "cheerleaders handbook"
    Ridiculous! I encourage you to look it up because, damn. It's dumb.
    I think these outfits are extremely sexist and insulting.

  • The uniforms are sexist

    I agree that dancers need clothes that aren't baggy as that could be dangerous, but they don't need skirts that barely cover their bums and crop tops that show cleavage spilling out. It's ridiculous to consider this a uniform. And the dance routines are hardly athletic, just bending over and waving pom poms doesn't exactly require a dancer.

  • No cheerleaders uniforms are not sexist.

    Cheerleading should not be about what you look like but more how the routine is that you are performing. Even then that is our uniform and what we wear. We do not create debate's about football players uniform and basket ball players uniform, Not even gymnasts uniforms who wear almost a one piece bating suit. But because cheerleaders are made to just be on the side line (which is not true at all may I add) people get all worked up about it and say that they are sexist. Often times cheerleaders love to get there new uniforms and compete in them. It can be compared to this if you go out to a big event or a date you wear something you feel confident in, That is our uniforms for us and it helps us to perform better. So why should we be forced to possibly change are uniform if others can not keep there opinions and thoughts to themselves when we did not ask for them in the first place.

  • No, cheerleader uniforms are not sexist.

    The attention about cheerleading should not be on the uniforms but on the routine performed. Dedicated athletes have mentally and physically pushed the limits to perform a high energy routine consisting of stunts, tumbling, dancing and jumps. The uniforms are designed for the purpose of a short lasting routine. Just like in the dance industry the main focus of the routine is on the technique and dance performed. Why should this be any different for cheerleading? Many cheerleading uniforms are available which cover the stomach for people who are more conservative.

  • Not at all

    Cheerleading uniforms are designed to be...Erm...Eyecatching, and cheerleaders are supposed to be eye candy, and the uniform is designed for that, just like how football uniforms are designed from taking hits but being semi-mobile. Cheerleaders are supposed to look provocative and revealing, considering that they're only there for the idea that "pretty girls make people do things"

  • No they aren't

    Im sorry but I think your all thinking of something more like "revealing" or "inappropriate", not sexist. Sexist is being biased towards another sex or gender but cheerleading has uniforms to suit both. The base uniforms are usually designed for girls but modifications are made for male competitors such as changing the skirt for pants and modifying the shirt so it covers the stomach. My point is read the title of the debate and think about your reasons before you speak. Or type in this case.
    Thank you xx

  • I don't think so.

    All-star cheerleading uniforms might push it a little. All-stars have the shiny, stomach-revealing uniforms. I personally think their uniforms look kind of tacky, but they are meant to grab attention, and I can respect that. However, regular high school uniforms are usually not as revealing. And I believe that having a tight uniform is ultimately safer for stunting and such, because there is less loose fabric that can get in the way and cause injury.

  • No, I don't think cheerleader uniforms are sexist.

    I think that cheerleader uniforms are designed to attract the crowds attention with bright colors in the schools theme, I don't see anything sexist about that since there are both male and female cheerleaders with similar uniforms, I think the uniforms are simply designed to make sure they catch the crowds eye.

  • No, cheerleader uniforms are not sexist.

    Cheerleader uniforms are not sexist. First of all, the women who decide to wear them have the choice to be cheerleaders or not. Nobody is making them do it. I also do not see anything wrong with how they look like. I think this is another case of a group of people wanting to cause trouble.

  • Not at all

    No, they are only like they are to make the people that are wearing them look good, and to make the cheerleaders look attractive while they are doing all of their shows. There is not a thing that is wrong with how these univforms are in the world of today.

  • They are necessary

    There is a reason cheerleaders have skimpy uniforms. The more fabric, The more risk of injury. A team with longer skirts, For example, If a flyer comes down from a stunt wrong, They might fall on the back spots skirt and make the back spot fall over. If they are tumbling loose skirts make way to see they’re practically nonexistent shorts and underwear underneath. Loose clothing makes it harder to do many things.

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