• Cheerleaders costumes are skimpy.

    I sometimes agree with the fact that cheerleaders costumes are skimpy. And there are times when they are even skimpier. I mean cheerleaders costumes schould be something attractive that makes them stand out in crowed. But these days everyone aspacts cheerleaders to be sexy. Sometimes its okay, like in middle of summer it would make cheerleaders perform well but ther should be other factors to be kept in mind.

  • No, the uniforms are not too skimpy.

    I am a level 6 elite cheerleader and I know the uniforms have to have shorter skirts so that you can move easier.
    Crop tops are needed to keep our girls cooler so they don't overheat .
    The one competition that we used long sleeved full top uniforms we had 3 girls overheat and faint on the floor . School cheer does some of the same stuff we do and they work just as hard, and their uniforms are way more appropriate. So no cheerleading uniforms are not too skimpy

  • No, its for entertainment

    I think that cheerleader outfits are perfectly fine. Cheerleading has accompanied sports like football since they were dreamed up. In certain teams in the NFL, the cheer teams are almost as famous as the team itself. For the male population as a whole (myself included), who doesn't like watching scantily-clad, attractive women dancing in between quarters or during a timeout? Even when things turn bad for the team, watching an alternative form of entertainment can be a helpful pick-up. And as the article above states, if you don't want your kids watching, turn the TV off. Don't tell others how to live their lives.

  • No, Freedom of Expression

    People should be entitled to dress however they would like to as long as they are not violating any indecent exposure laws. Should we ban people from wearing swimsuits at the beach? How about the revealing outfits people wear on TV? If you don't like it than avoid it or keep your kids from being exposed to it. However, you do not have the right to force your viewpoint upon others.

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