• Yes, the pictures does not lie!

    I have my forensic expert and photograph editor with me. That picture of yours is really believable! Next time, get a Cannon DSLR 3000 and snap away the chemtrails! Did you know that the trails are bad for your health. So, be careful my young ones. Stay healthy and away!

  • I do believe they are a reality, despite my desire for skepticism

    I could agree with the simple observable indicators that many use as citation of proof, but one or two examples are not enough for myself. I have noted several other anomalous features/phenomena in the atmosphere that occur concurrently with the presence of "chemtrails." Aside the trails themselves the sky takes a particular color and the clouds present prior to the trails (especially cumulus) exhibit strange distortions and column formation. These columns ascend from the clouds themselves like "watchtowers" and nearer to the sunset they begin splitting around the edges into scattered tufts that quickly evaporate. Sunsets...The sunsets on these particular days display a wildly colorful brilliance as well as a strange plasticine-like artificiality. They are extremely aesthetically pleasing by the way. There may be other atmospheric explanations for the simultaneous presence of these characteristics but one thing i witnessed kinda pushes me towards the chemtrail theory. I was filming an aircraft one morning when i noticed the contrail began to "sputter out." Within a few seconds the trail surged as it resumed though now with a much thicker plume and a glowing appearance. That's all I have. Although it's no means to prove anything, many other matters have eventually come to acknowledgment as truth to some whereas others had already become aware based on simple observation. Anecdotal evidence is not the same as scientific evidence per se, but it is evidence nonetheless.

  • We are unable to see with our eyes if our mind is closed

    If you asked me this question last year I would have said "NO." But a funny thing happens when you actually research something, you find out whether it's true or not.
    I started looking into it with extreme suspicion but slowly realized this thing is for real. They aren't even hiding it anymore. To be honest with you, I don't think that the spraying is for evils means, I think it's their way of controlling the weather and making a shit tone of money from it. David Keith (the main scientist behind it) has a patent and company based around atomize aerial spraying from aircrafts. So yes, it's just another one of those follow the money situations, this time it's fucking with our air by releasing metric tones of aluminum and other materials into our air supply.

    -Geo engineering
    -Operation Indigo Skyfold
    -Ted L. Gunderson
    -Dane Wigington
    -Kristen Meghan
    -"Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts]"
    and on and on....

  • They are real.

    On the next blue day, look up into the sky. You are definitely going to see a plane. But look behind it at that trail, does it disappear after 20 seconds? Or 5 minutes? 5 minutes means, ding ding ding. Chem trail. 20 seconds means, contrail, or condensation trail. They are flying over these planes that are not filled with passengers, they are filled with tanks full of mercury and light irons. This will kill any organism that inhales it. These particles are charged, and will just dispuerse. Now he atmosphere is charged rather than neutral. Does that sound good to you?

  • I am not blind

    I see regular persistent contrails in the sky over my home in Cornwall (UK) I have taken many pictures of abnormal reflections at the point the contrail becomes normal behind the plains, almost as if the deployment method is disposing of its last more concentrated chemical cocktail. Pics available on request

  • No reason to assume

    That the persistent white trails that form patterns in our sky are anything else but contrails. The reasons for this are simple meteorology, an increase in air travel and air corridors. Further research using these keywords leads to the most reasonable and logical realization: chemtrails are fictional and an Internet hoax.

  • No I know of

    I'm a atmospheric science major and these are contrails which are generated from air planes exhausting. The heat in the engines have water vapor and when the air is near saturation, and more vapor added will form a cloud and that is what you see. You can see this when planes flying overhead in a near saturated atmosphere.

  • They are ''contrails''.

    These contrails are generated by the atmosphere and the condensation, that depends on the humidity, the temperature and the height. Chemtrails are a conspiracy, a fantasy, they are not real. We have seen ''chemtrails'' for a long time, and nothing has happened to us. Its a phenomenon demonstrated by science and meteorology too. If someone want to poison us, the using of chemtrails is inviable and absurd.

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