• Yes there is a problem

    There is definitely a problem in the Chicago police system in regards to institutional racism. It's never easy to be a police officer, especially not in Chicago, but they seem to be making very poor decisions. These decisions seem to be racially biased. Something needs to change, not only in the city of Chicago, but also in the police system.

  • Yes, Chicago police is guilty of institutional racism

    The Chicago police and many other police forces are guilty of institutional racism. Whether this racism is conscious or not is a matter of opinion. The US has a strong police culture, and American police are eager to shoot first and ask questions last. Unfortunately, African American youths are often the target of this gung ho culture.

  • Institutional Racism Is Everywhere

    Chicago's police department may very well be guilty of institutional racism. Institutional racism exists in various establishments, such as the health care system, politics, courts, and prisons. Whether it's intentional or not is irrelevant - if race plays into how a person is treated within a certain organization, institutional racism is at work. Perhaps not all the officers within Chicago's police department are racist but if they've stood by and watched as their colleagues unjustly arrested, or even simply targeted, people because of their skin color, they are just as bad, if not worse.

    I'm not claiming that Chicago PD is the new KKK but institutional racism is definitely a topic that needs to be addressed. As I said before, sometimes institutional racism is so subtle that people don't even consciously know they're guilty of it. Such examples include standardized tests that favor children from better socio-economic environments (mostly white people) and the lack of black representation on TV. While these instances of institutional racism are not as damaging as those that may stem from institutional racism within the police force, they are still important. That said, while the Chicago PD may be guilty of institutional racism, a lot of us (white people) are without even knowing it. Therefore, we should take a step back and take a good look at our society and confront race issues head-on as opposed to treating them like pink elephants.

  • African Americans have been unfairly segregated from pertinent aspects of society for years.

    American society has evolved over time and with great difficulty. Even after illegalizing slavery, African Americans had been shunned from the overall society. Even then, many tried to further disconnect the African Americans from contributing by creating the separate but equal regulations. After those regulations had been overturned, Black Americans were still on the losing side of the economic scales. The advantage was still in the hands of the European Americans. Because of this, other institutions had become unbalanced in favor of one side of the race spectrum, giving African Americans an unfair disadvantage to justice and fairness in American government and society, including policing.

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