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    Gun control or lack of it is not the reason Chicago is the murder capital of the America – 506 murders in 2012. Chicago is also the gang capital of America with an estimated gang population from 70,000 to 125,000 gang members. The majority of murders in Chicago are gang related.

    Chicago is the gang capital of America.
    "Chicago Fast Becoming Undisputed ‘Gang Capital of America,’ Needs More Police on Streets"

    So, Chicago has from 7 to 12.5 times more gang members than Houston. Stated as a percentage, Chicago has from 700% to 1,250% more gang members than Houston.

    Some of these murder headlines are misleading because of the way they determine their rankings, e.G., total murders versus murders as a percent of the total population.

    To give you an idea of how misleading these murder numbers can be, let’s look at Flint Michigan. Flint, Michigan had 66 murders in 2012. Flint Michigan is considered the most deadly city in the USA. The population of Flint, Michigan is about 102,000 people. That is a murder rate of 0.000647 (i.E., 66 divided by 102,000). That is 3.5 times greater than Chicago. Michigan, including Flint, Michigan have very liberal gun laws, yet they have a murder rate 3.5 times higher than Chicago.

    "Despite the familiar media refrain that Chicago is the nation’s murder capital, the “windy city” does not even qualify as one of the nation’s top 25 most dangerous cities for homicide."

    In 2011, the last year where records have been tabulated to compare cities, according to FBI statistics, Chicago, with a per capita murder rate of 15.9/per 100,000 residents, ranked behind over three dozen (36) other American cities."

    "In 2011, the city’s murder rate was less than half that of the cities of New Orleans (57.6/per 100,000), Detroit (48.2) and St. Louis (35.3)." And, many of these cities have much more liberal gun laws than Chicago, which totally destroys your argument that strict gun laws are why the number of murders in Chicago is so high."

    "Although Chicago has a reputation for being a deadly city, a resident’s odds of being murdered there in a given year are about 1 in 6,250. By comparison, a New Orleans resident has roughly a 1 in 1,750 chance of being killed in a homicide over a twelve month period. Thus, a New Orleans resident is more than three times as likely to become a murder victim in his hometown than a resident of Chicago."

    "Gun control opponents have often seized on Chicago as their example to “prove” that gun control is a total failure, by repeating the false claim that it has the nation’s highest murder rate. While Chicago is indeed a relatively violent city, the fact that it ranks behind a number of other cities with more relaxed gun laws, at least calls into question the logic of that argument.

  • Yes, But They Are Undermined By Lax Laws Elsewhere

    Chicago is doing one heck of a job when it comes to eliminating and discouraging gun violence on its streets. The problem is that gun laws are too relaxed everywhere else. It may be hard to get a gun in Chicago, but you can just drive to the South where guns are easy to buy. This is why we still have such a big problem with guns everywhere in this country.

  • Yes, the cons don't take into account the cause of the violence.

    The rise in the violence in Chicago is due to it's domination by mexican drug cartels. As the cartel begins to distribute through Chicago, the petty gangs are in fiercer competition for fewer street corners. These aren't criminals hunting down law abiding citizens who, due to big government can't defend themselves, these are hardened criminals fighting over valuable distribution points, made more scarce by big cartels moving in.

  • The problem with Chicago is that we have surrounding states that have loose gun laws.

    In our surrounding states, Republican governor's have loosened state gun laws for their citizens. This is a problem because it creates easy access for gangs and criminals to obtain guns without ID, licenses, etc. Then those guns are sold illegally in Chicago. Gun laws shouldn't be a local issue but a national issue. Statically, crimes involving gun violence has dropped drastically over the decades due to these laws. So these laws do indeed work.

  • Chicago Gun Violence on Downward Trend for 30 years, Murder rate not even in Top 30

    Chicago is several orders of magnitude much, much larger than most American cities, which skews the numbers. On a per capita basis, Chicago doesn't even crack the top 30 for murder rates in the US. If Chicago had the violent crime rate of Atlanta (1433 per 100,000) there likely would have been almost TWICE as many shootings this past weekend. Chicago's violent crime rate, for the record, is around 884/100,000. As long as you're not living in Englewood or Austin and you're not in a gang (~80% of gun violence in the city is gang-related), you're in a very safe American city. The violent crime rate in Chicago has been on a general downward trend for the past three-and-a-half half decades.

  • Gun Control is WHY Chicago Murder Rates Are Skyrocketing

    Chicago finished out 2012 with a bang, as it passed a major milestone hitting over 500 murders. Chicago has started off 2013 on the wrong foot, with this past week’s murder rate outpacing 2012’s. In the wake of Sandy Hook, many people have called for increased gun control. While they have mostly targeted so called “assault weapons,” proponents of gun control have also sought to further limit handguns. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Illinois remains the only state in the country where nobody can legally carry a concealed weapon, and lawmakers recently introduced measures to restrict legal gun ownership even more.

    Gun control policies don’t work because they disarm citizens while keeping criminals in possession of guns. Chicago’s strict policies have effectively given lawbreakers a monopoly on weapons in many parts of the city that the Chicago Police Department cannot or will not police effectively.

    A nice contrast to Chicago for a natural experiment is Houston. Houston is very similar to Chicago in terms of socioeconomic factors such as population, density, and segregation. Houston, like Chicago, is a major center for illegal activities such as the drug trade and human trafficking. Despite all this, Houston has a murder rate two-thirds that of Chicago. This is because the people of Houston are well armed, while innocents in Chicago have been condemned to be sitting ducks.

    Chicago has a geographical divide, with most affluent people who reside on the north side of the city surrounding the CTA’s Red and Brown lines refusing to cross into the crime-ridden neighborhoods on the south and west sides. In 2010, Chicago native and rapper Lupe Fiasco agreed with Bill O’Reilly’s controversial statement that certain parts of the city more closely resemble Haiti than the rest of the city.

    Proponents of gun control have their heart in the right place. They would like to see fewer people murdered. I'm pretty sure everybody can agree that fewer dead people is a laudable policy goal. Unfortunately, gun control does not achieve this goal. After both the Sandy Hook shooting and the Aurora shooting, calls have come for “common sense” gun control, including a ban on semi-automatic rifles used in the senseless massacres. These weapons have been proven to protect property owners at their homes and business time and time again.

    Make no mistake. Any gun deaths are a tragedy, but restricting gun possession does not prevent them. John Lott’s seminal work More Guns, Less Crime found that allowing law-abiding citizens to posses firearms reduces violent crime and causes criminals to turn to crimes which do not involve as much confrontation, such as break-ins. While most proponents of gun control are well intentioned, they are wrong to call for limitations on the possession of weapons by law-abiding citizens.

  • Chicago is one of the most dangerous places to be, yet it has some of the strictest gun control in the nation.

    Chicago is safer than 8% of cities in the US, and that's pretty low. The murder rate per one thousand people in Chicago is 0.16, while the murder rate in per one thousand people in the US is 0.05. Chicago's robbery rate is almost five times higher than that of the US. To say gun control is working in Chicago is like ignoring the facts.

  • Does anything work in Chicago

    The only ones in Chicago that have guns are the gangbangers, so its sure working to their benefit, they no when they go to rob someone or assault someone that they will be unarmed. The cops can't prevent a crime from happening they can just come after the fact to investigate and arrest someone. ( that's their job and most do a great job but they cant be everywhere )

  • When we look at the facts...

    Let's look at the facts. Chicago has more murders than any other city in the country. They have more murders than NYC, and NYC has a much higher population than Chicago. Back in middle school, I read a book on guns. It said that in the 1980's, a town had a law against convenience store clerks having firearms. This law had been in place since the 1960's, and that particular town had the highest armed robbery statistics in the state (my apologies for not mentioning the specific state, it was a long time ago). Then, upon the election of a new mayor, he changed the law and gave clerks with with concealed carry permits to be able to wear their guns on them at work. Within a year, the town's armed robbery statistics dropped dramatically.
    What this is saying is that when you're a criminal, and you're going in to hurt. Kill, or rob a person, you suddenly have second thoughts when it becomes apparent that the other person may be armed. In Chicago, the criminal knows that chances are when he's going in to rob, hurt, or kill a person, he doesn't have to be afraid because almost no law abiding citizen in Chicago is armed. Take that town's advice. Arm your citizens.

  • It is fact

    This is not even disputable. This question is coequal to asking if water is wet. Chicago, Washington D.C, and New York have the highest murder rates with guns, yet have the strictest gun laws. Why would this be? Why would a murderer want to be lawful and get a gun legally, but wants to shoot people in masses. It is honestly logic of that of a 4th grader, and we should use common sense to realize that a sign with a crossed out gun will not stop Adam Lanza from murdering young children. P.S other countries have tried it, none have succeeded.

  • Crimes increase. Murders increase.

    Gun laws hurt law abiding citizens. Criminals still have their guns. Sub machine guns,automatic rifles,etc. Crimes have increased in Chicago. Killings have increased. Yet, a law abiding citizen can't have a gun too defend him/herself. Gun laws don't work. In areas where there are barely any gun laws. Crime rates are low. Killings are low. The law abiding citizens have their guns too defend themselves. Criminals are smart. They would rather rob a defenseless individual. Instead of a individual who has a gun.

  • Gun control in Chicago

    Crime rate is up after increased gun control. It benefits the criminals not the citizens. Only the law abiding citizens are restrained and put at risk with the inability to defend themselves. This kind of "control" will only hurt the people, the economy and the future of any city. Study Australia.

  • Gun control is a failure

    I had to take a moment to stop laughing after reading this question. Just look at the numbers. Chicago is number one in gun related murders. They are also number one in strict gun control. But when you look at the areas with lax gun control laws you also find a much lower level of crime. Gun control laws help crime because the law abiding are disarmed and only the criminals have guns.

  • Statistics and Common Sense Suggest No

    It's strange how anyone can argue that gun laws are not working, have you not payed attention to the news? Chicago's crime rate is becoming the worst in the U.S. Since the gun laws, Chicago's homicide rate has increased 10% EVERY year for the past 5 years, over a 50% increase since 2007. How can you argue that they work? Gun laws in America will never work. no matter what it is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and these criminals flock to Chicago because they know citizens cannot defend themselves because of the gun laws! This effect will always take place as gun laws increase and so many people will never learn.

  • Chicago's Gun Laws Are A Failure

    By any reasonable measure, Chicago's draconian gun laws are an abject failure. With one of the highest firearm murder rates in the country and a severe gun crime problem, one cannot reasonably suggest that the gun laws of Chicago are having any deterring effect whatsoever. It has been proven time and time again that criminals do not respect any kind of laws, much less laws limiting the possession or use of firearms.

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