• Child curfews are an effective institution.

    Child curfews are an effective institution. Unfortunately, parents sometimes do not do an adequate job of supervising their own children. If curfews are enforced, children who are out past the curfew, can be identified by police officers who can then make phone calls to Child Protective Services. It could be beneficial for the child to get forced help from Child Protective Services.

  • They help make good choices.

    Yes, child curfews are an effective institution, because nothing good happens after midnight. Students need to be home, so that it is impossible for them to be out causing trouble. It also gives law enforcement tools to arrest young people who are out late at night to cause trouble, but have not actually committed a crime yet.

  • If Supported By Parents

    I do not believe curfews created by governments work. So if a city institutes a curfew for people of certain ages I don't think those policies help anyone. I think curfews are effective when they are controlled by parents, people who are able to adjust curfews to special situations without a problem.

  • not at all

    no, a child is going to go and do what they want before the curfew is up, so it is not going to matter what the child has to come home. They can still go and do a whole lot of real bad things before they ever do get home.

  • No, I don't think child curfews are an effective insituiton.

    I think in general curfews are too broad and generally ineffective, people who want to cause trouble will go do it regardless of what time it is and people who don't want to cause trouble are unfairly punished because they don't want to break the law even if they weren't going to do anything bad outside.

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