Are Children Better Off when One Parent Stays Home?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Better off? Yes.

    Actually, I think the answer is no absolute yes or no. But in general it is good. Parents are the most important role in our childhood. Most of our behavior is learn from them. In childhood, we most do is copy the people around us. And parents become the best example for us. So if they do something good that we would remember it. Otherwise, they have the bad behavior then children would might don't know is right or wrong and do the same thing in the future. And if we do many bad things, nobody stop us then we might getting more serious.
    So are children better off when one parent stays home? I think the answer is depending on if the parents does have careful or not on their children's education.

  • Incest will occur

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    Whether the mom stays home or vice-versa it all depends on the children and what's best for them. If the children are getting into trouble than it may be best for them to be home schooled. There is no right or wrong answer, the parents need to decide what is better for their children.

  • A tricky question.

    No one ingredient guarantees that I child will turn out "better." It's like asking if cookies will taste better if you use sugar. On the surface, you may assume "yes!" until you discover that the other ingredients are dog feces, used motor oil, and chili powder. Those cookies are deadly...

    So although I don't believe that a parent staying at home is the sole qualifier for a child to be "better off," I believe that it is an ingredient that definitely sets the stage for success. But I guess that all depends on how one defines "success."

    In my personal opinion, success means that you are financially self-sustaining, happily married, and in good standing with your respective community.

    Some polls and studies though only equate success to the level of one's financial gains, which is why several studies claim that children born of working moms are actually much more successful because their income as adults is so much greater than the income of their peers who were raised in stay at home mom environments.

  • From personal experiences, yes, better off

    My parents live in two different sides of the world, America and Russia. My mother and I moved to America when I was two years old. I turned out to be happier without my dad anyway. My friend lives with her mother, and her dad is in New York. We are both the best in the year. Neither of us would have prospered under our fathers' watch. When our mothers went to work, we went to each others' houses. We have been best friends since fourth grade. See? That's not something everyone can get. And anyway, it makes for better conversation. Since when have you heard someone say, "Oh yeah, my parents are not divorced and I live with them both," and then everyone says, "Oh, really?" No.

  • Better Off, YES

    It is not required but if the opportunity exists to have one parent home with the child during the early development period it is of an advantage. Should I point out the grammar and spelling errors in the other post? Is that an accurate measuring stick? I do not believe so but it is very interesting to post " I turn out fine and learn independence" in response to a question of academic and social standards.

  • In some cases yes and in others no

    In some families I am sure that it would work out for the better and in others it would not. The main issue with this question is that "better" is quite subjective in this case. What qualifies as better? Happiness? Intelligence?
    I'm sure that a child would have a fairly positive relationship with the stay at home parent than they would have had otherwise if the parent had work or another engagement during the day. But that doesn't necessarily mean better for the child. A lot of other factors are a part of a child's development.
    A child could gain independence if they didn't have a stay at home parent. Learning to be away from a patent at a young age can help prepare the child for the future.
    Overall it depends on a variety of factors.

  • My personal experience.

    My parents were divorced, both worked. I turn out fine and learn independence. That some things you gotta do yourself. So I didn't depend on always having a parent home. I also learned responisbility and the importance of getting what I need to done. It wasn't perfect, but it helped me in the long run.

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