Are children, especially young girls, oversexualized when it comes to clothing?

  • I can't tell the amount of times I've been told what I can and can't wear.

    Ever since I was 8 I've been denied of wearing clothes, even in hot weather. I've been forced to wear jeans in 90+ degree weather because I was told I would that my butt would be hanging out if I worse shorts, even though I hadn't even hit puberty yet and didn't exactly have curves or any type of curve. I'm still not allowed to wear shorts, and was told when I was 11 that I looked like a "19 year old prostitute" because I had on a tank top. I'm not even allowwed to wear leggings or tank tops out the house, and my brother has never been treated this way. There is a wide amount of oversexualization, which is even worse done by many parents, of children.

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