• Yes. (doesn't necessarily mean it's bad).

    Kids today are definitely less respectful of their elders. "Proper" etiquette is no longer forced in side of homes.

    And the primary reason is that now a days beating you kid is illegal. To be honest I would rather have slightly rude kids than beaten kids. Also the notion that all kids are "mentally r****ded" until 18 is declining.

  • I Think So.

    Nowadays I see children and teenagers ( I'm 13) losing their temper with their parents becoming foul mouthed to them , disobeying them and being rude and disrespectful to their parents. Please vote for yes if you think they are and obviously no if not. Happy Debating! ( the creator of this question )

  • Yes (I am 15)

    I go to school and all the time I see kids badmouthing each other, which has been defined as normal by our liberal society. But they aren't just badmouthing peers, which is jerk enough, but their parents as well, of which is NOT ok. Your parents brought you into this world, and whether thyou think they are good or not, they are there for a reason and are legally required to provide for you somewhat(varying degrees if discussing parents not providing their children with basic needs), thus the least they observe is our respect as kids. This country is goin down hill from this moral decline that has been raging since the late 60's, and our country will suffer for it for years to come....

  • Yes Definitely Yes!!!!!!

    Because children nowadays are too much into this modern World and even in school they have not been teach about manners and discipline anymore seem like its been forgotten by many cause they stressed to much on the books topics they never think beyond the books and its "Parent and Teachers" blame because they are the one who should teach their child about this.....

  • They definitely are.....But parents are equally responsible for their children's behaviour!

    Children go through stages in which they are disobedient/disrespectful/ rude. This is the time Parents should guide their children But parents these days have no patience or time for their children.Some parents are just plain lazy and couldn't care less. Children are very vulnerable....You can train them to be obedient and respectful or you can just leave them alone to pick up bad manners from their friends. And, when these children grow up and become parents themselves, they bring up their own children like their parents did. Good parenting is equally important...Don't just blame children for their bad behaviour.

  • They definitely are.

    A lot of it has to do with the lackadaisical approach to child rearing. No discipline. T.V. Doesn't help either. I think it started with the phrase... "Whatever"!!!
    And since we are speaking of manners and etiquette... Feet on the dash board is rude... Talking on the cell phone while crossing the street and not even acknowledging the person who let you cross is rude... Talking on a cell phone while in the presence of others is rude... ( i hate being forced to eavesdrop) and swearing is rude.

  • Yes they are

    Kids do not know how to act these days. And because those same children are growing up to be parents they are teaching there kids to be just as or more misbehaving as their parents. The parents are as well the problem in society today. Kids are much less behaved these days and everyone notices

  • ABSOLUTELY! I am so sorry!

    I would like to apologize on the behalf of my current generation (Generation X) on the way the generation Millennium acts. They're poor manners and absolute disrespect of almost everything is a direct result from poor parenting (I believe). This new generation is so spoiled and wants to grow up too soon. They need to respect others and learn to appreciate the innocence they currently have.

  • Children are becoming increasingly rude.

    Back in the day, chivalry was a big thing. Hold the door for everyone. Stand when a lady returns to the table. I am noticing that all this has faded into history books. I still do all these things, which I believe to be the simple basics of being a gentleman. However, instead of being regarded as fairly normal, I am alone in my actions. Manners have left from most of the children nowadays.

  • No Social Skills

    They don't even now how to communicate with each other or their friends, Teachers, Peers, Etc. They don't have any conversations with people what so ever. Always with the cell phone in their face and on social media all day long. No outdoor activities, No conversations, No no family dinner at the table. No wonder kids are killing kids and kids killings parent, Parents killing kids!

  • Kid will be kids

    They are children. I bet when my parents were kids they were crazy and went out and partied. Our generation (the youngest one) is being judged before we can even prove ourselves. Our parents' and grandparents' generation basically ruined the atmosphere and are giving the load to us. Also THEY ARE CHILDREN, they need to be taught what is right and wrong. If we don't get taught then how should we know what to do. I take pride in being a very polite 15 year old that has manners. So its not all children. One apple can spoil the bunch

  • I am a child so i think no

    I always give up my seat to older women or gentalmen on the bus e.G i think that i am quite polite to my friends my teacher and i do not think it is fair for children our age to be judged like this whatever people say they are wrong.

    Thanks kind regards Leah.K

  • No more than in other times in history when people were complaining that children were losing their manners 'nowadays'.

    Which was ALWAYS. All generations have a habit of complaining children are losing their manners 'nowadays.' If kids had been steadily losing their manners throughout history, there would not be anything even remotely like a civilization today. Again, when your parents were kids, your grandparents complained of that, their parents complained of that, and their parents complained of that. It's not just this generation.

  • I don't think so

    A lot of kids these days actually haven't lost respect for others at all. Every generation thinks the generation after them has no respect. It's not just a thing with this generation. And why should respect be given to someone simply because they're older? A lot of older people don't actually deserve respect. You aren't entitled to respect just because you are older.

  • Society is just casual zed

    Manners may have changed, but they are not worse. My parents always told me afterwards what I had done so it never sank in. Kids will be kids. They learned it from their parents, so obviously manners have not gotten worse. I am my fathers daughter. He cusses and his mom burped. We learned it from somewhere, and that somewhere was the past generations.

  • Children? All spoilt? What planet do you live on?

    Children nowadays do have manners, the way they display them are just less formal than in the past. Hey, Thanks and What's up? Are now used in place of Hello, Thank you very much, and How are you doing today? Just because the way children show proper etiquette has changed, does not mean that manners are not there. Most kids have Please and thank you at the top of their list, and just because a couple of children whine a little sometimes, a bump in the road does not make up a planet. There are more important issues that we must draw our attention to, instead of trying to fix something that isn't, and will never be, broken! Poverty... Global warming... War... Natural disasters... Children will always have wants and needs. Adults do too. That does not mean the world is full of selfish, spoilt, rude, whiny little pinpricks who cry when they don't get what they want. I, for example, pride myself on being a very smart, polite, friendly, nice girl at the age of 12, and so are most of the people I know.

  • I don't think so.

    I'm sure when the older folks were kids, the older people of their time complained they have no manners. There have always been lazy parents who slacked and didn't care. It's not new. Back at that time child labor was prevalent and people were getting married in a stage we call "early teen." but crime reduced, teen pregnancy reduced, high school graduation rate increased, ambition by young people (high schoolers) increased. All children go through stages where they disrespect and defy authority. I'm sure the older folks did when they were teens. I certainly did.

  • Manners are a way to enforce "respect"

    I see many of the previous generations complaining about the newer generations losing their "manners". I do not think so, I do think that these people are being very biased because their arguments are based on their youth experience.

    Manners are often mentioned in argument when people do not believe they are getting respect that they "deserve". Anyone who demands respect like this should not be respected at all.

    "Don't talk back", that is another ridiculous ideology that restricts children and doesn't make sense apart from enforcing superiority and authority for no reason.

    If anything I have noticed that children are always very polite most of the time and are now being allowed to express their emotions and themselves without having to conform to social stereotypes imposed by older generations. I think that there is not a lot of swearing, only some that is learned from the parents who do not wish to look after their children.

    I will always support the new generations and children no matter what.

  • Two thousand years ago...

    People were complaining of this two thousand years ago. Which just shows that children are always going to go through stages in which they are disobedient/disrespectful/ rude. It also depends on the upbringing of the child; one could equally state that parents are becoming more lax and lazy, some through their children out onto the streets for the day, and then complain how their children are losing their manners. Respect has to go both ways.

  • No! It's the way people have always thought.

    Teenagers have always been thought of as rude or bad-mannered, but that has been the way society always thinks. At this stage in life, teenagers may come across as rude when they are struggling to communicate. Everyone has experienced being an awkward teenager, but we must remember that the intentions of most people aren't as bad as they come across, and to try to get to know a person, rather than judging them on their peers.

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Bitbatgaming says2017-03-25T15:22:47.870
When I was at the science fair awards ceremony , about 98% of the kids had cellphones ( excluding me , my sister, and a couple of other people.) They were sticking it out and recording their friends getting awards, and then posting it to other social networking sites. I personally think that this is very disrespectful and it makes others feel miserable, that they worked so hard, and everybody is on their phones / tablets, making them feel like nobody cares about their project.