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    Sometimes because if a parent gets stressed they can just vent to let off some steam ans release some of that but a kid cant cause if they try to vent they get in trouble for being angry or as adults would call a rude brat. Kids have stressed to due to school homework sports and trying to always please their parents. And never getting enough credit. The worse part is they are usually forced to hold all rhat in.

  • No. Parents bear most of the stress.

    No. Parents bear most of the stress in a family. This is not to say that Children cannot become stressed, but most of the stress felt by a child can be attributed to maturing. This stress is healthy for a growing child. Parents feel the very real burdens of everyday life more than the children do.

  • No, children and parents are equally stressed.

    We live in a competitive society in which adults put stress on themselves in terms of earning money and living better than their neighbors. Sometimes the stress comes from just trying to get by, and that is unavoidable. However the children in either case receive the by products of such attitudes and wind up being too over programmed and and stressed.

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