Are children old enough to articulate their thoughts entitled to all constitutional rights?

Asked by: GoodPoint
  • Children deserve their freedom,

    While I'm not saying we should pass out our second amendment guns to ten year olds, I do wish to make the argument that children are taught about America's freedom from a very young age, and forced to say the pledge of allegiance daily, and it is unjust to deny them the rights for which they are quizzed. To be specific, I have noticed in my life that the freedoms of speech and defense are sorely lacking in education. On multiple occasions children are told "not to argue" when accused of wrongdoing. One day in the hall, a student and her friend were in the bathroom. The teachers pulled her and her friend (female) from the room and accused them of having drugs. There was no probable cause, and neither student had a history of drug use. The school employees quickly proceeded with ransacking their backpacks without parents present, and when the students explained that they were innocent they were told not to make trouble. It was later found that they had no drugs in their possession, however the school still contacted their parents to tell them of the search, getting both students in trouble for a crime they not only didn't commit, but were harassed over. An adult would've been able to refuse the search, and adult would've been allowed to explain themselves, and an adult wouldn't have been harassed to a farther extent upon being proven innocent. Children presently get very sloppy and unstable forms of their rights, and its causing depression, anger and rebellion among teens and older children. This must change if they are to feel accepted in their environment. Children should be allowed to have and reference their constitutional rights.

  • Children deserve more respect.

    If anyone deserves any respect in this wretched and evil world, it is children. At the very least, children do not do any of the evil things that all of the rest of us do. Their worst crime is to spill grape juice on the carpet. Children are more deserving of medical care, food, shelter, and all the rest than any of you.

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