• "No you cannot go to the bathroom" "sit down and be quiet"

    Yes, I've always said so and I'll continue to say so until I find a way of shouting. Children are very oppressed. While it's true that it's not like their lives are difficult or strenuous, they don't have a voice in anything. Things that directly affect them are "not their concern". Bills passed on school subjects and rules are created above their heads. They have no way to decide which path they walk down or how it will affect their future. They are constantly told not to argue or cause trouble by questioning their world. The word obedient is thrown about by teachers and school staff like a toy despite the fact that its meant for slaves and dogs. The words part to all of it is that by controlling education, adults literally have a child's future by the throat. They have no form of Miranda rights and can be searched anytime without a warrant. They're entitled to no defense except perhaps their parents, and their punishments have a strong impact on their lives. Oppression isn't simply a physical thing. Maybe children are looked after but they're not given the equal freedom that adults enjoy. They deserve to have a voice in this world because someday they'll be in charge of it.

  • I indeed think children are oppressed

    This is coming from an 11 year old boy, if you do not care about my opinions; then I understand.
    I've been oppressed a lot of my life and I've gotten used to it honestly.

    I find that in my everyday life, I have much less privileges as adults. For instance: I was in a bar/restaurant a few weeks ago and I was sitting with my mother while she was having a buissness meeting with someone. I was quietly sitting and playing on my iPad SILENTLY and one of the waitresses came over and told us to move to the noisy, messy, loud and rather disgusting children's area because of me. This did not go down well with my mother as we all left the restaurant and went to another restaurant.
    There are many things wrong with this. Children (usually boys) have a reputation for wanting to try alchahol; I never had this intention and I am ALWAYS getting compared and grouped in with imbeciles (I am not saying that all children are imbeciles, just the ones that are actually imbeciles) I am rather sick of being mistreated and looked down upon because of my age.
    Children should be listened too more because some children are actually even more intelligent than adults and deserve rights of an adult while there are some adults... Do I need to explain more?

    Also... Why are kids expected to want to be some sort of famous star, I honestly found those to be boring jobs, I want to be an animator and I've been animating for a year... While most people I know think I want to be a rock star, astronaut, scientist or whatever. Kids aren't that stupid, some think more realistically... Ok I'm going off track.

    Oh and if you're offended, please step away from your device and think to yourself ok?

    (oh and I am slightly angry so don't think I'm usually like this... Please)

  • Yes I fully agree

    Any one who doesn't see the oppression of children probably was a teachers pet or didn't realize what was happening to their less fortunate peers. Or they bought into the dogma that their oppressors gave them or just feared what other people might say if they spoke out because if you did their peers would shame them.

  • Children are extremely oppressed

    It is made nigh impossible for anyone under the age of 18 to live on their own because jobs are not available and they're not allowed to enter into contracts, for instance to own a business or buy real estate. As well as that they're constantly told what they can and can't do regardless of their opinion on the matter even when the decision only impacts them and no one else. Most states will fine parents for their children not attending school under the age of 18 even if the child has a plan on creating a career that doesn't require a high school education, for instance to go into a trade school or be an employee in a family or friends business. Children also aren't given basic human rights like choosing who you can and can't talk to because parents can file restraining orders regardless of what the child wants. This could and has lead to parents forcing their children to discontinue contact with friends or significant others simply because they don't like them. At the age of 18 you don't magically become "mature" (the definition of mature is very vague and one can't say that someone isn't mature simply because of their age) and are suddenly able to handle the responsibilities of being an adult. Children are constantly taught to be obedient and not question authority so that those in power can stay in power. They are unable to do anything about concerns they may have regarding education, home life, health, and social life. They don't have a representative in the media or in the law which is paramount because the media gives a voice to the people to influence change and the law creates the change itself. If children are unable to have a voice in either then they're subject to unreasonable demands made by those who just want nothing more then to control others because they believe what they're doing is right even though it's clearly in opposition to the person its affecting (the child). Everyone in this country is protected by civil rights which mostly prevents oppression to any gender, sexual orientation and race but for some reason children aren't given these same rights instead they have a completely different set of laws that affects them which is stating in not so obvious terms that children aren't viewed as people with rights rather as a completely separate entity with not nearly as many rights. Lawmakers and parents try to justify this oppression by stating that children aren't mature enough to make their own decisions even though they're never given the chance to make their own decisions and prove their "maturity".

  • Wait, I can't be in a legal contract?!

    I'm talking all minors (-18) we are very oppressed in the fact that we can't do most things any adult can do, like own real estate, be a business owner, even something as simple as getting a piercing alone. There needs to be a change in the system and a social movement towards supporting youth because in the end of the day we are your future. There are so many young people who are entrepreneurial or simply are ready to move out (of course talking about youth in their upper teens 15+) and laws prevent us from doing those things. There needs to be an urge to make the minority age 16 instead of 18.

  • A human is a human, no matter what, unless you are less than 6,574 days (18 years) old.

    Civil rights can be given to people regardless of race, gender, and (recently) sexual orientation, but not to anyone 6,573 or less days old. Minors are evn legally referred to as "infants" until they're eight-teen years old, regardless of how much more mature they are than the people who made that so.

  • Well i would unfortunately say i agree

    Although that many rules in schools and such do help kids to learn how to be mature, not allowing a child to ask a question or not allowing a kid to go to the bathroom. If these rules were given to adults in a university then there would be petitions and it would be against human rights. I once saw a poor kid humiliated by a teacher because they asked a question that was seen as a stupid thing to say, i am sick of some adults treating kids like dogs and that they can be finely trained to be made better.

  • Children are not oppressed; they are not yet ready for full rights and responsibilities in our society.

    This is coming from a teenager, FYI. I'm not really talking about 13-14 up, more like actual elementary kids. But children need guidance and a measure of control over their lives, since their cognitive and reasoning skills are nowhere near those of an adult. They cannot be trusted to navigate the weighty decisions adults must make, for their own safety and well-being. After all, they are in a stage of development where they must focus on the basics: social skills, motor skills, etc. Having to decide whom to live with, what to buy, or how to support themselves (which, if they had equal rights and responsibilities, they would have to do) would be dangerous and psychologically damaging. Since they cannot make the serious decisions, someone must make them in the child's stead. That responsibility falls to parents first of all, then to teachers and other authorities. Sometimes this power is abused, but that's in .1% of cases, if you think about it. So on the whole? No, children are not oppressed, they are protected.

  • Sit! Stay! Dog commands not for humans

    I agree completely that children are oppressed, they are treated like dogs or even prisoners, if you think that children aren't mature enough to make decisions you are deadly mistaken because last time I checked there are children's whose lives are ruined because they don't have any power over things that directly affect them and every day I see an adult treating children as though they are animals and not even remembering at they were once in the same position and the person who said that adults power is abused 1% of the time, are you serious?? I would say more like 80% of the time because if you went up to an adult and said "stop talking and sit down" there no doubt that the person wouldn't do that and there would be nothing you could do about it a child on the other hand is forced to do that or they get grounded, detention, etc. And if you think that's how the world should be run and that children should be under the control of adults, maybe you need a dog instead.

  • Like seriously, lol

    Why the heck do some people wanna grow up so quickly? Great things will come as one matures, but enjoy your childhood. You're only gonna have it once. I don't see why especially non-autistic children would complain. Self-entitled punks. As an autistic who had some tyranical paras as a child, I'd do anything to have had the freedom non-autistic children have and take for granted.

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