Are children over-influenced by fashion these days?

  • Yes i think they are

    Some kids do not even care if their body is exposed. All they care about is that they meet up with the latest trend. Some do not also consider the fact that most of these celebrities they see are not as young as they are and that they as children are not of the appropriate age to dress in certain ways.

  • Yes my dude


  • YES. Kids are over influenced by fashion

    I think that kids are over-influenced by fashion because some kids can be real snobs about what they wear. Some rich kids can get really rude because they go to a private school with uniforms, or their parents buy them customized clothes. I mean, if you buy a cool pair of shoes, like converse, it is not that bad, but some people can get real rude!

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  • Yes because of celeberties

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  • Umm yes they are

    They are because if they dont dress right people with judge them and get bullyed dont let this happen to your kids take a stand i dont know why kids do this but i think we need to take a stand and help kids not get like this dont buy stuff they i over 50 because then they will think you will always do that

  • They use parent's to much money

    When sees child see's a commercial about k d or shoe carnival's coats when they see sketchers or even candy they think money grow on trees but they want to have it because our celebs were it so they grow up and try to be fashionable. Also, u can tell at schools or even collage or even america's parents and in our history kids are influenced for Halloween dress up and they were a lady bug Cleo Patra or Venus etc

  • Yes Children are influenced by fashion

    They try to imitate what is going around them very easily. Catching up with the fashion is one way to get accepted by the peer group. It is also a way for them to improve their self esteem. Sadly the parents who support it do not realize that it is not the right way.

  • Kids are influenced about fashion these days.

    I think children are over influence by fashion these days for many reasons. One reason is that in school kids get teased . A second reason is because kids go around talking about u then u have self-esteem about there self and starting wear inappropriate clothes to impress people in school

  • Yes, children are over-influenced by fashion.

    Children are over-influenced by fashion these days. They need to have the latest designer purses and shoes. Children don't realize that most people in this world cannot truly afford a $500 purse. This leads to a lot of issues for young adults because they run up credit cards thinking they will make more money as they get older.

  • No they aren’t.

    I think kids aren’t necessarily “influenced by fashion” because if they like what they wear, Or makes them feel better, Then let them wear it! We all have that FAVORITE pair of jeans or shorts that make us feel great, Look great! Kids should learn early on how to express themselves through what they wear, And what kind of message they want to send. Or maybe they look up to someone, Like a celebrity idol, And they see them wearing certain shoes. Then, They will feel like they can relate to the celebrity if they get the same pair of shoes! Like I said before, Feel great, Look great! Shopping also teaches them budget, Cost, Rights and wrongs (shoplifting etc. ), And how to act in a public place while shopping.

  • Children are not influenced by fashion!!!

    If someone thinks that children are influenced by fashion, well that person is totally wrong! Of course I am not saying that all children are not but actually some are. I assure you I am not one of the INFLUENCED children. Most of the children are not influenced some children might be, the number of them would be 0000000.0000000! So, adults please don't say that again that we (children) are influenced by FASHION!

  • Children do not care about fashion

    The main thing that affects the clothes children these days is the weather. Read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title read the title

  • Get in the Crowd

    Children wear to express themselves. We try to use the fashion to show our sense of personality and who we are. People know sometimes by clothes people stand out.People aren't always who to seem to be in clothes but it matters with the strength of their heart and so we use our clothes not to compare but to use it as our way being themselves.

  • Children are NOT over influenced by fashion

    One reason children are 4-12 years old, I don't see any 7 year olds at my school in crop tops or miniskirts, 2 children can wear what they want, 3 parents have the last say in what the buy children because they are using their own money to buy it, therefore I don't think us kids are over influenced by fashion I just wear what is appealing to me and shat I feel comfortable in

  • Children can choose what they want to wear!

    Children are NOT over influenced from fashion. People can choose the the they want to wear. If they want to wear clothes from Justice, they can. If they wanna wear Hollister, let them. If their parents buy it for them, of course. If a child wants to wear something someone else is wearing, that's not being influenced! That's having interest in a certain style!

  • Children are not over influenced by fashion these days.

    I say that because all children have to have a sense of style. I'm not just saying that because I'm a child I'm just saying if the parents want to buy it for them let them because they are spending there money on there child not yours so you shouldn't be worried about what somebody El's child is wearing. People can't afford things like this that's there problem cause if they wanted things like that they should of did better in school rather than play around. However I can say that they do cost a lot of money. But I guess people just got it like that . So if they got it like that let them spend it.

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