• We learn more with the Internet, so we become smarter.

    While people tend to use technology as a crutch, it does not mean that they are any less smart. If one were to space out in class, he could rely on the Internet for a crash course on algebra. Otherwise, that same kid would've failed his test and not learned the material. If anything, the vast amount of information stored online can help people learn more. The Webs easy access helps us share ideas and concepts that would otherwise be unknown. As the Internet may reduce the amount of thinking we need to do, it doesn't take away our ability to think. The instant answers that Google spits out may make us lazy and impatient, but extra knowledge can only make us smarter - not any dumber.

  • Children are sponges.

    Technology has evolved since the last generation. Children are encouraged to do internet research on their own using credible sources because they get a better understanding and detailed information on any given topic. When they understand the search tools and engines they will be able to gain knowledge on anything they want or need. Children today are fast evolving and are smarter than children of the same age in the last generation. I believe the internet is the cause of this.

  • The internet has everything they need to know.

    Homework, Exam revision, tutoring, tutoring videos, educational videos, "how-to" videos, step-by-step instructions on things that we find difficult to accomplish. The internet, whether we want to believe it or not, has everything that children need to know in terms of education. These days, if children don't get something in class, they can look it up on google. There are also trust-worthy sites that help children learn things step-by-step to prepare them for tests. E.g,, or being the most popular. Even at school, teachers recommend students to check out specific sites for fun activities, that they will enjoy as well as learn from. We may not want to accept the fact that children are becoming smarter because of the internet, because it shouldn't be that way perhaps. But its the absolute reality. Increased technology in a child's life isn't necessarily a good thing, but that's clearly not what this debate is about. Are children smart because of the internet? Yes, the majority of them are smarter.

  • Children are surrounded by technology

    Being a young teen I know that I have definitely learning or at least gaining something by just a simple search. The era we live in now shows technology is impacting us. In my school we are surrounded by technology. We use chrome books and get taught with online notes in Google Classroom and that's not even a lot of what technology we use.

  • Children are learning

    The internet teaches kids thing they should and should not do in the real world which is best explained by seeing someone else's mistakes. This is also why our generation changed because more and more children are starting to use the internet, soon enough the internet will expand and create some new way so that the children can learn.

  • They can have more fun

    Children can have much more fun when they learn and it can be much more appealing to young kids to use the internet. Kids can learn for much more fun at a much younger age and have a lot of help while they are learning. Kids can also be much more independent and smart.

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  • Children are smarter

    Kids can get what they need. Cheesecake and what is good about the internet is that kids can learn and learn and learn about what they need! Need a research paper BOOM need to print BOOM. Paper... Really. This is what kids use now a days. You cant take that away from them

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  • The information has always been out there.

    The information has always been out there. It has always been up to the Parents to deliver the content in a way that enriches a child's life.

    Has the parent set up a safe learning environment to find truthful facts or are they reading blogs full of opinions and misinformation?

    How many children can do algebra on a sheet of paper vs. typing the equation in to google for the answer?

    The internet is nothing more then a crutch for those who can not work out the answer for themselves now.

  • Internet breeds laziness.

    I don't believe that the Internet in of itself has made children smarter. The Internet provides people with the ability to look up the collective knowledge of mankind, yet children are usually playing video games instead. Just because the tool exists, doesn't mean that people will use it. I think that it gives a lot of children that might not otherwise get the chance to learn certain subjects, free and easy access, but in itself can do nothing.

  • They don't actually remember things on websites

    There was a study years ago that said that early man used more of there brain than we do now. This suggest that technology has been adapting our brains so he can't use them as well. Also, many students copy and paste for their homework to save time, without reading it.

  • The internet doesn't make children or gornw ups smarter.

    The only thign the internet does is give people who are familiar with the internet an advantage in comparison with those who don't. For example, my mother is not good using the internet, however she's not dumb in anyway whatsoever. Not only that but I've noticed internet savy children don't know how to communicate and speak in person anymore. There's also a serious lack of respect concerning these children when the are 'too busy' getting what the want on the internet. It's a shame honestly. The internet educates if handled properly, however doesn't smarten anyone up if they don't know how to apply it. The internet has becomes...A children's toy.

  • More information does not mean smarter.

    While the Internet does supply a great deal of information, that does not mean that the children that have access to that information are smarter because of it. There are too many opportunities to waste time and lose chances to learn for that information. With that said, some are and some are not.

  • Children become more dependent on it.

    Once a wise person said that smarter is not learning up some information or score good marks. It is someone's ability to face different situations and challenges in different circumstances. As we all know Internet is doing just the opposite. It just gives children an easy way to solve their problems. They would have become smarter by using less information to the fullest. So, to conclude intranet has made children dependent on itself thus has made them dumb.

  • Internet means lazy

    No, internet doesnt make a children smarter but makes LAZY !! And being lazy is not smart .. No one argue that internet has everything but some of them are nonsense . For me internet doesnt give a whole information rather it only give basic knowledge . Things that teach from teacher are batter then internet .

  • Children have easier acces to knowledge but retain less

    I've noticed a trend in recent years of young people not retaining information they don't feel is relevant. Have easy access to the answer to any question have left many lazy, and not knowing some of the basics when a time comes that they can't so easily look up the answer. It also promotes a lack of creativity, but always taking some one else's answer and gospel truth, and not make your own determinations.

  • Children are dependent

    Children are so very dependent on the internet it is almost unreal! If they need a answer to a question the first thing the do is not ask someone, but to go straight to Google and type it in. This is not even the end of it, instead of learning the information, they go and google the answers online to create less work for themselves.

  • Faster but not Smarter

    Its TRUE that Internet is an important source of information but it can be harm to the children if the parents do not filter the children activities on the internet. Via using internet it helps the children to find information faster but it doesn’t make the children SMARTER. Most of the time the children only learn to google, play games, copy and paste the information gained through internet without analyse and study in depth the content of the information.
    The technology discourages the children to think critically and solve the problems. It seems against the government vision to see the younger and coming generation to be creative, able to analyse, argue and solve the problems using the children critical way of thinking.

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