• In a way, they are.

    Pets are property. Owning a pet gives one a responsibility to raise it, and like children you can do with them as you please but within the law. All pets have a form of rights that require the owner to give them things that they need, like food and shelter. The big difference is that laws are a bit more strict about raising kids.

    "Additionally, they have the right to have and parents have the responsibility to give what the child needs to properly develop and thrive."
    Parent have the responsibility to give the child what they NEED not just want. Children need proper food, clothing, shelter, and access to an education. The rest is up to the parents if they want the child to have it or not. If the parent does not want to give their child things like a cell phone, their own computer, or even if they don't want to let their child eat pizza, then the child goes without those things. Seeing that it is the responsibility to provide these things, it should be up to the parents as to what is considered what is "proper". This means that if the kid wants to dress like their favorite music star but the parent feels it is not proper to dress like that, the parents should have final word. This also includes things that the child may want to buy with money the child earns. I think they should also make it the law that kids can not make any purchase without their parents consent.
    The problem I see is parents give kids too much freedom. Kids tend to lack the responsibility to use those freedoms wisely. This often leads to real big problems for both the child and the parents.

  • Yes they are

    Nobody likes kids random words now lol j hj j j s s f g g h h h j j jh h h g g g g h h t f f d g g h g gf f f f g g g f gf g h g g g g f

  • Legally, Absolutely yes, And that is terrible!

    Kids are denied many legal rights, Such as owning property, Suing, Or even voting! I mean just look everywhere, There is at least one place that says 18+; Yes, Minors should not be trusted to drink or use weapons, But why deny them from having their voice heard? There is absolutely nothing that the government (or anywhere) gives to only minors! [If you disagree and/or find me wrong, Reply].

  • They're Proterty Of Their Parents And Themselves.

    1) All Of You People That Said No Are Constitution Hating, Child Abuse Loving, Government Loving, CPS/DCF/SRS Supporting/Loving Communinistic/Socialistic Fascist Racist Nazi Niggers. 2) The Child Has Their Rights. 3) The Parents Have Their Rights. 4) Everyone That Works For CPS/DCF/DCYF/DSS/HRS/SRS, Defends, & Supports Them Are All Communistic/Socialistic Fascist Nazi Niggers. 5) The State Doesn't Own Anyone.

  • My kids my property

    Took me 10 years to have my daughter and then she'll she is 18 she will always be my property my son is 4 he will always be my property no matter what the government says both of my children we're taking in 2016 on June the 2nd my daughter made allegations against my ex partner on November 29 2015 he was arrested and got off the charges on the day they took my kids away now I'm fighting still to this day fighting for my property but they tell me they're not mine yes I gave birth to them but they're there's now how can they be there's they didn't go through childbirth they don't have the same blood type they are a property and they are our responsibility we got them we give them love the system has torn my family apart but they are my property and they need to be returned

  • My children are mine

    If I can exert power over something it is mine. My children are raised by my will, I feed them, clothe them, and teach them. I care for them because they are mine. My children whom i can give up to the state would no longer be my property as i can no longer exert power over them.

  • Of course! Yes

    A child Maybe a human But they are definitely not members of Society they are property of people Their parents or Guardians are exactly their owners Yes I am Parent I love love love my kids and give them everything that they need And every once in awhile things they want but only sometimes I don't want to spoil them but they are indeed mine And my husband's They do not belong to anyone but us They are like a pet My kids know their place But they know that they are loved and they are very happy with the life that they have Got But we are very old school children are seen not heard Their place is to obey And not question anything if we say go get something they are expected to do it if we say to clean something they are expected to do it they are not slaves but they are children That's a little bit above slaves But slaves were treated horribly Our kids are happy When we watch TV they are expected to sit on the floor when we eat they sit on the sides of the table as the adults sit at the head of the table If we have an adult That wants to sit in a chair a child is expected to get off the chair sit down on the floor or standOr they can go get a chair if one is available But adults should never have to give up the chair for a child Yes children are very low On the rating list for importance,honour pride and respected The very most top Would be the Lord and then adults And then animals Has animals give us Love and they are loyal And they are the first creation of God And then Our church and also our job are both equal And then the childrenSo yes Children are property You can Expect them to be as equal as adults Think about itYou cannot Smack Another adult you cannot Put soap in another adult's mouth you cannot ground another adult you cannot tell another adult what they will or will not do but you can Do that to children so that right there tells you that children are definitely not equal to adults adults are people children are like robots I am completely serious and I'm proud I am an adult I am not a child So I don't Care About Children's so-called feelings Children do not need to be thought of as anything more than Creatures that are not even known We as adults are creatures that Have earned our way of becoming a person with pride and honor children will need to earn their honor and pride just as we did

  • My kids my property

    I made you
    I raise you
    I love you
    I teach you
    I spend money on your education
    Your clothes
    Your toys
    Everything you have is because of my hard work.
    And I also disipline you
    My goal is to teach you right from wrong from my point of view
    I have lived it
    I know it
    I sacrifice for you not because I have to
    I sacrifice for you because I love you.
    If that love means a slap in the face to put you back in line when you step out than that's what it is.

    That is how I was raised and I think my parents did a pretty good job.

    All you people saying you should never do this or that
    Where are your kids now?
    I know where mine are.
    So please
    You my children are my property until you are 18 or longer depending how long it takes you to leave the best that I built.

    So many silly posts here

  • Legally speaking, children are property.

    Children are treated as property as far as the law goes, considering that the owners (parents or legal guardians) have custodial rights to such property. Kidnapping children is illegal specifically because it is the equivalent of stealing property from the parents.
    That being said, children are still entitled to legal rights and protections because they are sentient humans.

  • YES - the public has been programmed to think that's bad, when in fact, it's the opposite. See below.

    Children are PROPER To You (you being the parent, the mother is actually the owner). They are a landed estate (see Genesis 3:19). If they aren't their parents' property, then whose are they? Parents must answer for them if they wreck someone's yard, etc. Moreover, indeed the State views them as property, which is why so many people encounter conscience-shocking experiences with Child Protective Services, which deals in the black market. The bottom line is that they are property of an estate where the mother is the primary trustee and Conservatrix, and the children are the beneficiaries of the trust, which makes them the real owners of the trust. So, the trustee must manage them with respect for them as sentient, human beings.

  • Children are human beings.

    Human beings cannot be property. Giving birth to a child gives one a responsibility to raise it, but it is not property with which you can do with it as you please. All human beings have rights in a human society, children included. Additionally, they have the right to have and parents have the responsibility to give what the child needs to properly develop and thrive.

  • People yes, property no!

    Parents do not own children the same way a family owns a dog or a vehicle! Parents are responsible to raise those children until those children become adults. Children are people due to the fact that they are human beings. A parent might need an adult child to take care of that parent as the parents gets older, but even the parent is not property of the adult child. You can buy or sell tangible property which human beings are not tangible property.

  • Children are Sentient Beings

    Any singular entity that can form his/her own thoughts and opinions that are different from those around it ought to be considered sentient, or at least that's what I think. Children--while they often reflect or mimic traits of their parents and role models--display obvious signs of being conscious by 2 years of age.

    While I, myself, am only 14 years of age, am still a child (or as my mom says, "a piece of property"), I adamantly refuse to believe that that's all that I am.

    Children are fully capable of forming their own thoughts, goals, and opinions. While I suppose that it'd be hard to see one's own child as anything but an obnoxious automaton, it's true--we are people. Actual people who're just years away from being legally considered so (which is another issue entirely; the demeaning of minors by law).

    Many people would use the argument, "Oh, well, you children just haven't reached mental maturity. You aren't mature enough to think. Just enjoy your childhood, sweetie." However, that's just as subjective as it is demeaning and disgusting.

    Besides, it's been clearly demonstrated that some people have a higher mental capacity than others. If this is true, is it not also true that, proportionally, some children could be "technically" more mentally developed--even if not yet fully--than some adults? If the oh-so-mature actions that have been exemplified by some of the adults in my life are any proof, then yes.

    It is this "children are property" mentality that leads parents to demeaning actions such as forcing bars or cupfuls of soap into a child's mouth for saying something that contradicts with what they wanted to hear, or hitting another fellow human being with a piece of leather because they're a child that did something disagreeable.

    If we're so mentally underdeveloped, then how exactly is it just that we should be punished in these ways for disagreeable actions? While discipline and accountability are definitely two very important things in the raising of a child, they need not be learned through force or making sure that a child knows that he/she is a piece of property.

  • Children are by all mean human beings

    Children are by far human beings, therefor having the need to choose, since our entire lives we spend it choosing. This means that the child is property of no one, just like your boyfriend or girlfriend, father or mother or friends are not your property. Human beings are not property of anyone, since they think by themselves, having the chance of getting yourself, "surprisingly" a child that thinks differently to you. You are the father, not the owner, act like a mentor, not like a rich little ass, that can tell their maids off whenever he or she feels bad or has had a rough day. YOUR CHILD IS A HUMAN BEING THAT MAKES CHOICES, there for HE/SHE IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY!

  • Absolutely not Here's why

    Some people say that children are property because their parents have legal consent for them, and while this may be true it does not mean that they are property. A child is a human being, while not a fully developed one they are still a human being. Human beings are not meant to be property, such philosophy puts the person of interest(in this argument it would be the child) in a state of worthlessness, comparing them to your tv or your house, a human being has cognitive functions, an inanimate object does not. The last time a human was considered to be property the entire United States was torn in two. If you want to follow the philosophy that a child is your property because you take care of them then wouldn't that also imply that people in nursing homes are the property of the nurses? That people in the hospitals are the hospitals property? If you want to assume children are property because you take care of them these are other things you have to assume these things two because they fall under the same guidelines. Another point people who say yes are is that because a parent brought them into this world they are their property, but if your going to say that then wouldn't that mean your always going to be considered property to your parents, even after turning 18? And being a parent also doesn't always imply that the parent gave birth to their child, adopted parents can raise their children without giving birth to them. Thank you for listening to my rant/speech if you agree/disagree comment why! This is just my opinion after all

  • No one asks to be born.

    No one asks to be born. So anyone's birth is a mere lottery as to what type of parents you will have. Will they educate you on what it means to be a sentient being or will they use you as labor? Will they feed you well or poor? Will they abuse you (take the recent case in California) or nurture you? Objective, impartial humans are needed to verify parent/child relationships are optimal and lacking abuse.

    If you read some of the other comments posted by other people, the ones who do think they are property tend to be religious. I wonder why? Snarc.

  • In every life, it is inherent of his/ her own right of living.

    It is the obligation of the parents to support this right of living, not the parent's right. An obligation is very far different to a right. The gift of life is not owned by the parents and thereby not of their control. There are cases that parents who give an all-out support but still they fail to raise a good citizen. Their children end up in jail. It is because, the right to live a kind of living is solely determined by the child itself.

  • No, of course not.

    Children are human beings capable of forming thoughts and making decisions, and, to the person who said kids are like robots, you are wrong. Children should be treated as your equal and as your family, not as your subordinate. And, if you want, you can keep telling yourself that you love your kids, but just know you are lying, you terrible-grammared, soulless, child-hating fool.

  • No, of course not.

    Children are human beings capable of forming thoughts and making decisions, and, to the person who said kids are like robots, you are wrong. Children should be treated as your equal and as your family, not as your subordinate. And, if you want, you can keep telling yourself that you love your kids, but just know you are lying, you terrible-grammared, soulless, child-hating fool.

  • Humans are not property

    Children are humans. They are under the care of their parents, but still have free will and the same rights as any adult. Why would you ever consider a child to be property? Children are not wallets, they are not cars, and they are not a china tea set. You can own all of those things, but you can't own a human.

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