Are children who are being raised by same sex couples at a disadvantage because it is unnatural?

  • The wrong question is being asked here

    It is not whether they can make good parents that is at issue here. Research suggests that they can be good parents. In my opinion it is the adverse effect it may have on the child. Imagine some young lad of 14 telling his mates at school that he has two dads - he would get ripped to pieces. Not a good position to be in. Same probably for girls with two mothers. Same sex couples with opposite gender children could be an interesting one

  • Humans are not animals.

    I would like to respond to the argument that homosexuality is naturally found in the animal kingdom and is therefore natural.

    While the above statement is true, the fact of the matter is humans are different from every other animal. They are different in a way unlike the way other animals differ from one another. Humans have reason. The human intellect separates humans from all other creatures. While there are intelligent creatures out there, such as apes (which are very much capable of communication and base understanding), no other creature is thinking of the abstract (ideas such as virtue, justice, etc.). While animals may have certain customs (such as homosexuality), it is not right to compare them to humans because they do not have human reason.

    Therefore, if we look at all of human history, homosexuality is unnatural. Humans of different religions and different ethnicities have consistently held marriage as a union between a man and a woman (even before biblical times). This is the more appropriate comparison to make.

  • Yes.

    There is no male or female role model if they are raised by same sex parents.

  • Supporting role models Same Sex vs Opposites

    Fact : Most women do indeed think differently than men
    Fact : Women and Men tend to treat certain circumstances differently
    Fact : 90% of young females favor their Father if they favor any. (opposite with boys)
    Fact : Homosexuals - Male, and Female tend to trade rolls at a majority of times with
    Personas (Female-like men, Man-like women)

    Children need to know the difference. To say that children raised by same-sex couples would not become like their "PARENTS" is a far cry from the truth. They see "Mommy & Mommy" or "Daddy & Daddy" and are "more" inclined/comfortable with following that path of life.

    This in long term broadens the gap between the "natural" circle of life, and creation of our future Children, and population.

    Children, especially learn from young age. What's okay, what they should do, how life goes etc. Etc. "Monkey See, Monkey do."

  • There is great value in living in a two-parent household with traditional sex and gender roles, because same-sex couples cannot provide the way that a husband and wife can.

    Freedom of expression and individuality is important. But, for children to gain a good sense of morals and American values, it is best to be raised in a home with one father and one mother. Understandably, many kids currently live in single-parent households. But, instead of worsening or maintaining an already poor situation, families should instead be encouraged to stick together.

    Posted by: ReminiscentDewitt75
  • Yes, I agree children of same sex couples are at a disadvantage because they are growing up completely different from everyone else, even kids of single parents.

    I agree that kids of same sex couples are at a disadvantage because they will always see most kids with a mother and father, or even just one parent and see this are normal. In movies, cartoon and in books, kids have a mom and dad, not two dads or two moms. This doesn't mean these kids are no good or should be treated differently, but chances are, they might be treated as if they are different. People are not used to seeing two dads or two moms with children. It doesn't seem normal.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Same-sex marriage is wrong in so many ways it would take a quite a few pages to explain them all.

    The best atmosphere for children to grow up in is with a father and a mother and not two of one. Men are usually less tolerant to wrongs due to pride and a sense of justice and children would have a very severe upbringing if there was only a man to instruct them. Women are generally more emotional and lax due to their motherly protectiveness and help to temper the man so that the upbringing of the children is stable.

  • Yes

    In spite of how people read studies on gay parenting, replacing a mom with a man, or a dad with a woman doesn't give the child the same balance and sense of normalcy. A new study is out that shows that kids raised by gay parents are at a much higher risk of being gay themselves, which seems to fly in the face of the born gay theory.


    Children being raised by Same-sex couples are at a disadvantage because a man cannot be a woman and woman cannot be a man. God gave different qualities to a man that He did not give a woman and the same for a woman. A man and woman raising children is what makes the home successful if they raise them right. However, people that choose to be gay need help! In that case, they cannot provide what a child really need.

  • Both a mother and a father have distinct critical roles to play not only in the creation of but in the successful raising of children.

    The need of both father and mother is not a myth, and global society has for thousands of generations supported this truth. Only in recent generations has it been challenged. Why? I believe because of the brokenness of so many homes since the sexual revolution in the sixties and seventies. So many kids raised in broken homes bear the pain throughout their lives. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, teen suicide, female teenage promiscuity, gang violence, FASD, all have their roots in broken families. And much of it because of missing fathers. It doesn't change the truth that kids raised in the loving environment of both a father and a mother fare best, but it does change how many in society view the "traditional family".

  • It's actually natural.

    Many people claim that two parents of the same gender raising a kid is unnatural. This is an ignorant, false claim. Homosexuality is widely documented in many different species of wild animals. What's more, many species have two or more members of the same species raising one of their young. For example, lions are raised by the females in the pack, and many kinds of birds raise their chick in same-sex pairs. Same sex couples might not be able to conceive children, but conception has nothing to do with the raising of the child. Same sex couples raising children is natural.

  • Whether something is unnatural or not is often a case of cultural bias.

    If a child being raised by a same-sex couple is at a disadvantage due to the coupling being unnatural, then so is any child raised outside of a two-parent coupling. At that point, a child of a single parent would be at the same disadvantage. A child raised by a split household would be of the same disadvantage. The only reason same-sex couples are seen as wrong or unnatural is because people are biased against them. As it becomes more accepted as a lifestyle, it will be seen as more natural.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • It's quite natural

    It's actually not unnatural. Homosexuality is found in the animal kingdom in a very large number of species. And having 2 animals of the same gender raise a young member of their species also happens, especially among birds.

    When people say its "unnatural", what they really mean is their 2000 year old magic book says it's bad.

  • No

    As long as parents have a healthy and loving relationship between themselves and their children then the child family is not at a disadvantage. Children can be bought up in a heterosexual family where there is a lot of conflict and the environment is unhealthy which would certainly be a disadvantage. The only disadvantage a child brought up in a same sex family may suffer is the judgement and ridicule of those who disagree. These people are the only disadvantage a child may suffer as the torment they might face could lead them to believe that the loving environment they are being brought up in is wrong purely on the basis of their parents being the same sex. If the parents are loving and supportive then a child is at no disadvantage at all.

  • Children raised by loving parents, no matter their sex are at a clear advantage.

    While it may not be considered the normal state to be raised by a same sex couple, I think a child could benefit more in this situation than from being raised by either parents who do not get along, or by a single parent. Any child raised in a happy environment will live a better life than a child raised by bad parents, no matter of gender or race. I think same sex couples could possibly make better parents, because they probably had to go through so much of a harder process to legally adopt a child, so they could be more interested in being active parents.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • The only disadvantage is social intollerence

    When people say "those kids are gonna get harassed or bullied because the have same gender parents" they may be right. That doesn't come from their homes it comes from the bigotry in society. The same arguments were used to discriminate mixed race coupling and the children they would have. No one should have to deal with that type of ignorance, violence, and intollerence. Teach kids not to be bigots and bullies then everybody wins.

  • My parents are from opposite sex.

    I hate being at home! They fight all the time and it can never be sane in there. Gay people have always been kind heart to me. They love each other and stay loyal! There are so many people in my school that have single parents or have divorced parents. Same sex couple set a better example of how people should love each other. People say that you can't get a man and woman role model in a same sex marriage? That is the worse idea I have ever heard! I have many gay friends that support me in the good times and bad times which is exactly what they would do for there children. Disadvantage? I think not.

  • Benefit is not from sex, but from gender role.

    There have been countless studies that show children do better when in a loving family. And that the children of stay-at-home parents do better than those of single parents or split parents.

    Studies also show that it is best to have a mother figure and a father figure. However, studies also show that it doesn't matter if the compassionate and caring "mother figure" is a man or woman, of if the providing and disciplined "father figure" is a woman or man. They simply need the balance.

    This means it is perfectly possible for a same sex couple to fill both needs.

  • NO, children being raised by a same sex couple will experience no disadvantages because homosexuality is not unnatural.

    First, the word "unnatural" suggests that homosexuality does not occur in nature. Obviously, this is not the case because a percentage of the general population are naturally born homosexual. In fact, various scientific studies have proven that there is a genetic basis to homosexuality; thus, it most certainly is natural - it is just less common. Now, to suggest that the children being raised in these families are at a "disadvantage" would be to say that the homosexual couple was in some way unfit to raise children. As homosexuality does not affect the parenting skills of a person, there is no way these children are at a disadvantage.

    Posted by: CesP5ych
  • Gay parenting is anything but unnatural.

    There is no such thing as natural parenting, parenting comes down to love, and that is the sole determinant of the success or lack thereof of parenting. Children who are raised in gay parenting homes will fair just as well, if not better, than those raised in heterosexual parenting environments. We have to think about the fact that just because a family is not what we would typically think of when we think of family, that does not make it wrong. We have to get our mind out of the 'pleasantville/normative/heteronormative' gutter and think of equality. Stop judging, and just stop and think what love can mean for a family.

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