Are Children Who Are Raised by Gay Parents More Likely to Be Gay Themselves?

  • Yes. I believe children who are raised by gay parents more likely to be gay themselves.

    Yes. I believe children who are raised by gay parents more likely to be gay themselves, because most children are a reflection of their parents, or products of their environment. If a child is raised in a household that promotes homosexual values, and normality's. That child is most likely to have those same values as an adult.

  • No, or we wouldn't have gay kids from straight parents.

    Gay parents who raise their child in a loving home are going to allow them to be who they are, which might make a child more free to say if he is gay. However, there are many straight parents who turn out a gay child or two, so this is a matter of birth, not choice.

  • I kinda think so.

    I am a bi raised by straight parents and i don't personally know anyone who's been raised by a gay couple. So what i will be saying is purely a theory.
    When i was young, my father wasn't always present unlike my mother. I also have 2 sisters who were always around during my childhood. I remember , we always watch something on t.V which are aimed towards girls. Since i am the only son in the family, my father wasn't always around, I was surrounded by girls. I think it contributed somehow to my gayness.

    I also heard from a couple of gay acquaintances of being abused by someone of the same sex which some of them blame for who they are now.

    Lastly.. I heard this one time over the radio. There was this guy asking for advice regarding his sudden confusion about his sexuality. He considers himself straight but something happened. He said he was working in a comedy bar. He befriended some of his workmates, most of them are gay. He started hanging out with them then one day, he realized, he was starting to become like them.

    Sorry if i sound like I'm anti gay people or something. I am gay myself, which I'm proud of. My parents never had any problems with it. I just think that, maybe, the environmentwe where in, the people we grew up with and the experiences we had have something to do with who we are now. Sorry if i offend anyone.

  • It's common sense

    Parents that are gay are likely to be supportive of homosexual and transexual conversion and give that choice to children more easily. Straight couples may do this as well but that's only a percentage of straight couples, the other percentage would not encourage or support it which could lead to less gay and trans children.

  • Children of Gays

    Homosexuality is a trait that is genetic and not acculturation. There is no science to indicate that having gay parents mean that the child would be gay. The sexual preference is determined while the child is held in the mother’s womb. A child’s parents have no bearing on sexual preference.

  • Sexuality is independent of upbringing.

    A combination of genetic and environmental factors while the child is in their mother's womb are responsible for them being gay/bi. However, children raised by gay parents are probably more likely to come out as gay, as they've been taught their whole life that being gay is OK, which doesn't always happen with straight parents. Being raised by gay parents doesn't make it more likely for a child to be gay in the first place though; just for them to admit it to themselves and the world. A child raised by straight parents who are accepting of LGBTQ people, who educated their child about us from the same age as they educated them about straight people, is just as likely to be gay/bi as one raised by gay parents.

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  • It is not relevant

    I am Bi and am of two straight parents. If it doesn't matter if the parents are straight they what does it matter if they are gay or lesbian. Gay parents are more likely to be supportive of their child's choice to be LGBT or straight. The sexuality of the parents has no effect on the sexuality of the children.

  • So, would you?

    Lets do a little role playing. You have been raised by two women who are both lesbian. You know they are lesbian, and you know what they think about men and women. Would you be gay/lesbian if you were around them? So you said no? That is what I thought.

  • My parents are straight, and I'm gay

    There are gays with straight parents, it's a simple rule, THAT DOESNT AFFECT THE KIDS, your sexual orientation won't be different because of the parents you have, the orientation it's yours, comes with you, is pretty simple to understand, you will be who you are, there are straight people who raised by gay or lesbian couples, that doesn't matter

  • Being around someone doesn't mean you have the same sexuality

    This logic is completely ridiculous. Conflating acceptance with encouraging a sexuality is just idiotic. You can't encourage someone to be a sexual orientation, you either are born that way or you're not. I'd anything our society still encourages and hopes for heterosexuality and anything less than that is disappointment. We as a society still have disappointment if our kids aren't straight, how can we possibly be at a point to encourage being LGBT when you aren't LGBT?

  • Following that Logic

    Following that logic, any heterosexual parents would only have heterosexual children, thus no gays.
    Social setting has nothing to do with romantic interests, sexuality has been found to be written out in the genes, and no outside force can truly change genetic code.
    Genes disprove it, and the fact that gays are here with heterosexual parents prove that social setting will not affect sexuality.

  • Not always the case

    I think maybe at first the child may think being gay is the only options; however, once they get older and get to know a member of the opposite sex, that all could change. It really depends on the child as a person as they grow up and learn themselves.

  • No social setting does not effect it

    The child of two gay parents is not more likely to be gay. They may be more likely to be accepting of others who are gay though. Being gay is not something that is taught or observed and followed. Rather it is a part of who you are and can not be changed either way.

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