Are children who play video games more likely to be violent?

  • Kids will become more aggressive and violent.

    Kids would spend a lot of time on the game system and would learn to kill, use guns and get used to violence. That is awfully early for them, because games like Call Of Duty only teach them nothing but shooting people in the head. If they learn from video games, they won't be afraid to use knives, guns and other weapons at an early age. This will make them more aggressive and perhaps commit crimes like mob shooting and bank robbing(by threatening with weapons).

  • Children who play video games are more likely to be violent.

    It has been shown that children who play violent video games are more likely to lash out in violence in real life. Many of the notorious school shooters were known to be avid players of shooting style video games. In order to keep our kids safe, the use of video games should be restricted to adults.

  • Children who play video games are more likely to be vilolent.

    Children who play video games are more likely to be violent.The main reason is that video games are so realistic that players may often confuse fantasy with reality and therefore think it is acceptable to solve problems with violence.It is upon the manufacturer to remove violence from video games whenever possible.

  • Television violence has the tendency to desensitize people

    A multiplicity of studies have confirmed that violent tv and video games do in fact play a huge role in desensitizing people to violence. This in hand makes children think that violent acts are more acceptable, ergo, making them more susceptible to commit such violent acts. Children's imagination allows them to more readily buy into the fact that violence is 'ok.'

  • Yes, children who play video games are more likely to be violent.

    I believe that children who play video games are more likely to be violent. They can sit and passively play game after game that involves killing, blood, blowing up cars, etc. Society is much more violent today and I believe that it is because students are play violent video games.

  • My personal experience

    I have a younger brother, I bought a FPS called medal of honor: frontline. My little brother plays the first level and swears he's Rambo. He was only around 6 at the time. I have never seen a teenager who just played a violent game behave just so. The question was if CHILDREN are influenced so the sort answer is yes.

  • No, it depends on the game.

    A child who plays video games that are very graphic in terms of excessive and gruesome violence might be inclined to think that is normal reality and act out in real life. But some games are just like the cartoons of old where violence was there in caricature so that agressions could be worked out.

  • Video games do not make children violent

    No, I do not believe that children that play video games have a greater chance of being violent. Parents raise their children, not video games, or that is how it should be. Many children play video games and do no turn violent. If the parents teach their children that games are just that and continue to stress this, video games will have little to no effect on a child's demeanor.

  • Violence Not Taught By Games

    I do not believe children that play video games are more likely to be violent. There are a plethora of video games available on the market and many of them are age appropriate and non-violent, some are even educational. I think children should use age appropriate materials at least until adolesence.

  • No video games ever caused violence.

    Video games may cause death, but it never causes violence. Kids who play Call of Duty, and Battlefield may be more into guns and the military, but it doesn't make them more violent. Kids are violent who start off early smoking and doing drugs. Video games don't mess with your mind like drugs do. So if anything, we should aim for more restrictions on drugs and alcohol for underage, not video game violence restrictions.

  • Children who play video games are not more likely to be violent

    Some children have a propensity for violence, and they will display violent behavior. Video game play does not lead to violent behavior. A study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, researchers found that the playing the video games actually had a very slight calming effect on youths with attention deficit symptoms — and helped to reduce aggressive and bullying behavior. see:

  • I Think Not

    Okay i have a few questions. Picture a 13 year old kid. He is playing a violent video game. Do you really think that a 13 year old boy could hold a sword. Let alone swing it at someone (let's say a full grown man) and have enough force to kill him? And do you think a kid can walk into a gun store and buy a gun? Do you think that a 13 year old could shoot someone? I think his aim would be pretty bad. The blast would knock him back and making the gun point up. Maybe some school shooters have had violent video games found in their houses but the main reason that they did that shooting is because they were a bully victim. They had problems as a kid and where bullied. They probably had a mental issue. They are not all there if you know what i mean. So no. Kids do not become violent from a game. Its either the parent with road rage or a parent that has gotten into many fights around his kids. Or the most obvious reason... School.

  • No, not really

    Video games have no correlation towards violence in children, if your child has the maturity and can understand that they shouldn't do what they do in video games, then there is no problem with playing violent video games, also you shouldn't be buying video games you don't think your child can handle, ask them, or even monitor them

  • Quite the opposite.

    Violent video games provide an outlet for the stress and strain of daily life. It could be argued that their are better ways but they are not as effective at appeasing the aggressive nature of some young men.
    I loved killing zombies when I was under pressure at work, no I'm not I lost interest.

  • NO it doesnt

    Ive been playing and watching violent movies and games since I was young. Heck, I've even been shooting guns since i was six! However, you dont see me shooting or hitting people in real life. I'm a honors student, I have no criminal record and I plan to volunteer as an auxiliary policeman. Violent games dont make violent people.

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