• Don't blame the children its the parents fault!

    You gave birth to the child you raise it. Don't let the kid become spoiled. Here's the thing now parents think about there childhood and remember how hard there parents were and want the kids not to hate them. Come on, that's why this generation is so messed up, feel bad for my kids

  • Teens/children have changed

    Even though drugs, protection, and other stuff were invented long ago teens from the past were not that included with that but kids now are included in drugs because they think that it makes them cool and that if they do drugs they will fit in with everyone else that to them they are cool but they really are not

  • Yes children are getting worse and more disrespectful!

    I just turned 20 in June. Graduated in 2013 and I can honestly say that I am ashamed of my generation. I have seen everything from young adults putting there hands on elders, fighting teachers, fight each other for no reason. I have seen students curse at and threaten teachers. I have seen young adults jump other teens. I know a lot of teens who have gotten killed from gang violence. I have seen people getting bullied. I have seen females get hit on by males. Males today do not respect females at all and I blame it on the music. When you listen to music today all you hear is "Fuck that Bitch" "She can suck my dick" and "Bitches are only good for sex" . Sayings that males use today are "Money over bitches" "Pussy money Weed" and etc. they idolize males who degrade females like lil wayne, future, 2chainz and many many more.

  • Yes, they are.

    When i was 12/13 i went on playground to play with my friends and my mum was always telling me that i won't have a boyfriend till 18. Now, kids have f's at math class in 6th and 7th grade what will they do in high school? They have boyfriends/girlfriends, they meet them on facebook, they have better phones than i had at that age, they are spoiled, they talk back to much, they start to have sex at 12, and 3 or 4 years later girls are pregnant, their are trying to appear more mature, girls wear mini skirts and short tops... And they won't have pretty childhood ... That's mostly what i see on the internet. But of course they are not all the same

  • Technology is leading them further

    From what I heard, kids today are possessing cell phones, ect. Some of these kids seem way too much into today's technology that they rarely play outside, but the thing is, they're into sex at an early age, under 16 to maybe around possibly 7 or 8. It's a shocker when you're still a child thinking you're mature enough to do that. From what I heard, kids are hitting puberty earlier than they use to. Kids back then would say, "Eww" to that, but kids today would jump into it. It's pretty bad to me. Children are maturing so fast, their childhood looks like as if it's ending too soon.

  • Yes, children are worse than they used to be.

    Children are worse then they use to be because they have all of this society to deal with and it can be a lot of pressure. The rules have changed and if we give our kids a spanking it's considered child abuse. Kids nowadays all want to fit in and be like one another and sometimes/most of the time it's doing bad things such as drugs or drinking or just getting into trouble. Why? Who knows.

  • Yes, they are.

    I know that every person who gets older says the same old line about the next generation being worse and worse, but I truly believe that the kids of today are much worse than they used to be. They have no respect for authority and no respect for their elders.

  • Yes, children are worse than they used to be.

    I came from the old fashioned era of spare the rod spoil the child. While I don't believe in "hitting" a child, we would never talk to our parents as children do now. CPS is too involved with our lives, and parents are afraid to discipline their children. The children know this and play on it. These kids are our future, and if we dont get a hold on them, we are lost. Now, not all children are like this. The majority are intelligent, police, and well mannered.

  • Kids are now wanting to be gangsters!

    The children evolution has grown in the wrong direction I honestly blame the parents because my friend treats her daughter like a queen and it kind of disgust me i have seen what her daughter dose when her moms not around she curses, Dose these very sexuall dances in front of her PHONES and they lip sync to rap songs that talk about abuse and it honestly makes me worry

  • Kids are so dumb now daysss

    They literally fight, Scream, And cry all the time. They used to be so quiet and calm and not so damn dumb. Like they watch the dumbest shows to like that dumbass Fancy Nancy. Like pleasssseeeee STOOPPPPPP. Dude like have you seen Toy Story? NOOOOOO! THEY WANT TO SEE STUPIDASS FANCY NANCYYYYYY!

  • No they are better

    Teenagers don’t smoke as much as the previous generation. They don’t drink as much as the previous generation. They don’t do drugs as much as the previous generation. They don’t have sex as much as the previous generations. They don’t care as much about looks as the previous generation. They have become better

  • Rise of Social media amplifies things Good or Bad

    I don't believe that that they are worse than before. With the rise of social media (which has it's good and bad points) incidents that happened all of the time in older generations are now becoming major news stories and they are amplifying what as always around. Kids pick on other kids, Always have, Always will. However now with social media, a kid who was bullied all of a sudden becomes a "victim" and can air their woes on a social media video site, next thing you poor "Johnny" is a symbol for "victims" of bullying, is treated like royalty by sports teams and celebrities and the news media.
    Before social media, "Johnny" gets picked on, goes home, cries to Mom and Dad and Dad tells him to stand up and "fight back" (not always violently, but more of a "don't show fear and they'll stop) Next day, "Johnny gets bullied, stands up to it like Dad said and bullying stops. Case closed

    Obviously that's not always the case. But now social media allows the bullies to attack 24/7 and the "victims" don't have a defense but to cry to the entire world. So bullies get meaner and those they are bullying get wimpier. The power of the internet makes the neighborhood bullies "turf" larger then the square block it used to be.

  • They are the same kids with different rules of parenting and technology.

    Plus side- kids are more excepting of others with differences and more inclusive. Kids are far more educated then my generation (take a look at what they are learning). Teens are aware of STD's and are getting pregnant less. Teens do not find it acceptable to drink and drive. (I have an 18 and 21 year old who played sports and very involved in school, so I have met a very diverse group of kids.)
    Negative- Social media gives the mean angry child an outlet hiding behind a screen. Phones allow kids to video the terrible things they do and spread the insult. This stuff happened before, no one video it and put it on the news when I was a kid! Kids can't get away from the bully, they can come at them 24/7. This is the problem, take your kids phones (without warning) and look at everything. Educate yourself on what they are using for social media apps, demand passwords. Use "track my IPHONE" to know where your kids are 24/7. If your kid doesn't like that, then take the phone. I promise they will reconsider. Be present, be loving, be understanding but be a tough parent!!

  • Children aren't getting worse , its the parents

    If you think children are getting worse your wrong because the only reason they do the thinks they do is to get attention from their parents and other people. When parents don't pay attention to their children the children get upset , don't feel loved , and rebel. They also have been told over and over that they should act like adult and they see adult drinking alcohol all the time and smoking and doing drug so they think its ok to do.

  • Kids aren't getting worse, just people's memory

    When adults talk about teenagers these days they seem to have such a puritan perspective on how a teen should be. Get them on a different day and ask them to describe their teen years and it's full of sneaking around, going to parties, drunk driving, sex and crazy adventures. Call them out on it and it's met with "Oh it was different then!" or "Things are more dangerous now". I actually disagree, I think things are safer now, we're just more aware and more honest of the consequences. We can point out instances of bad behaviour of teens nowadays but how is it any different than how teens of the 50's were portrayed in The Outsiders or teens of the 70's were portrayed in Dazed & Confused. Teens have always wanted to rebel against their parents and have always made mistakes, pretending that one generation is better than another based on these mistakes is pointless since they're not in similar circumstances.

  • Working for the public...

    I have learned that brattiness knows no age. There is far less racism, sexism, and homophobia, and crime rates have been dropping for decades. Teenage pregnancy is at the lowest it has been since the 50's. Anecdotally, which is all most of us have to go off of if we are being honest, they seem to be less of a terror to deal with than a narcissistic Baby Boomer.

  • Every generation thinks there better than the new`

    This goes back farther than the 50s and 60s older generation look down on the newer ones. The kids today are no worse than any other time. The people who say yes obviously have never really got to to know a teen just judged them because of the teen pop stars and bad kids on the news so before you open your mouths meet some teenagers they might just suprise you.

  • No they are not.

    Children are not worse than they used to be there is just way more children than there used to be. Before in the olden days the world was smalled so you did not see as many children and the few you did acted normally. Now a days they are everywhere because the world has gotten so populated so it looks like they are worse.

  • Worse Than When?!?!?

    Let's go through and respond to what (the general) teens do that is "bad".

    1) They don't respect authority.
    In the Bible, there are stories of teenagers making fun of elders. If this is true, kids didn't "respect authority" even 5000 years ago. In 1963, 30000 people showed up to Woodstock. This was not "in respect to the adult leaders".
    2) They drop out of school.
    Do you blame them when they have this state.
    3) They do drugs.
    Remember the 1950s and 1960s?
    4) They're having more sex.
    Remember 1960?!?
    5) They're online all the time.
    You would be too if you were a kid.

  • No, you can't generalize children like that.

    They're living in a different generation with different environments. While they often lack the two-heterosexual-parent norm of the 50's, I don't believe that's a bad thing. In this cyber age, information and learning is more available in every single possible way, and I think our children are better off than we were in so many different ways, even if they don't realize it. Hopefully by the time they reach Adulthood, though, the economy will be straightened out and they will be able to contribute to the world by being a productive member of society. So no, they are not worse than they used to be. They are only different due to different environmental factors. They have the same genetic predispositions, but the environmental factors have just made them different. More potential, they have, I think.

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