Are children's networks and shows sexual and violent?

Asked by: KB240o
  • Of course. Isn't it obvious?

    I mean just look around you. It's obvious, just look.

    SpongeBob: If you look closely, Squidward's nose looks like a pee-pee, and SpongeBob's nose looks like an erect pee-pee. And what do you think goes on in Sandy's space suit? I mean, she could wear spandex or something like that, but she chooses to have a large amount of room around her body. It is obvious she programmed a massager to massage her you-know-what.

    Reading Rainbow: This show may not still be on the air, but it promotes drugs and violence. It says you should "travel by reading". This obviously means it wants you to do heroin. And it's violent to, I mean look at history books. If they want you to read, it's because they want kids to be warped by all the violence in books like The Lord of the Rings, or A Complete History of WW2.

    Telletubies. Just watch it for two seconds. Then write to your pastor to get it taken off the air.

    I know God is on our side all of you people who oppose sexual education! Praise Jeebus!

  • I actually just wrote a paper on this.

    I believe children shows and networks are sexual and violent.

    Specifically there is one TV network that seems to stand out that children have easy access to higher rated content, this network is called Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network shows a lot of cartoonish child shows in the day, but eventually as the night comes Cartoon Network turns into a network named Adult Swim. The word “Adult” Should pop out to anyone, Adult Swim is known for its bizarre, sexual and explicit content. More parents should be aware about this, basically all the shows presented on Adult Swim are explicit and it should not be exposed to a young child. Another popular kids network is Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon is famous for a mix of reality scripted shows for children and cartoons, although when the reality scripted shows start to play, the On Shake It Up, Zendaya and a bunch of other skinny girls wear such exposed Santa outfits and sing, "Naughty never felt so nice." On Jessie, Luke told Jessie, "Want to find my off button?"
    On Dog With A Blog, the dog said, "Time for a little 'me' time." Then when the woman walks by, she reads the screen and it says "Hot Poodles". Its little things that come up in the show that the child obviously does not understand, parents should be lectured more about what their kids are watching and they should be noticed much more, I believe parents are not fully aware of this rising problem. Children in American society are also exposed to violence and profanity words, this can cause the child to have a bad attitude and or aggression in their personality. Most often, in some children television networks, it shows extreme violence through action
    and role-play. Children will often try to duplicate these kind of actions and are not fully
    aware of the violence, these actions can mostly result in the child to turn the TV remote
    into a gun to play cowboy or turn the broom into a light saber.

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