Are Children's Programs Appropriate for Adults?

Asked by: TheBathead
  • Of course they are

    Children's program's are designed to be appropriate for the whole family to watch. In most cases children should not be watching TV without an adult present anyway, but parents get lazy on this point and just want the TV to babysit the kids.

    I think adults would be much better to watch children's program's than adult program's because there is less violence.

  • Well, why not?

    Now we've grown up, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy all the silly little hijinks on children's programs. As teenagers, we may have thought it was kind of stupid, but now we realize that a lot of children's programming is still funny, even to us as adults. We only have so much time to live, so why not have a laugh again at our favorite shows from our childhood? That doesn't mean we can't enjoy adult stuff, but nothing beats the simple pleasure of children's shows.

  • I think this is a dumb question.

    Why would any program not be suitable for adults? There is only preferences that may make some adult viewers chose to say that perhaps something is unsuitable for themselves, but generally, for adults, the sky's the limit. A lot of adults watch cartoons and the average gamer age is 33.

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GeeWillikers says2014-05-11T15:00:42.617
Ever heard of my little pony? Why would you be asking this? It should be are kid programs appropriate for kids, because that would be a no because of innuendos and subliminal messages. But you didn't ask that, and i dont understand the point if this.