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  • No, Chimpanzees are Not More War-Like Than Humans

    Humans have an unbelievable capacity for invention. Unfortunately, invention is an umbrella term also holding creations such as war, torture, large-scale refuse, and global destruction. Chimpanzees are some of our closest intellectual brethren on the planet, but they are still relegated to a primal existence. They are tribal and aggressive, steeped in micro-expression ritual and bestial displays of dominance. While chimps can be immensely territorial with each other, their hostility never usurps ours. Is war a human creation? Perhaps, but even by a loose definition, we cannot equate types of conflict and their devastating results.

  • chimpanzees are not more war-like than humans

    Chimpanzees do fight in the wild. They protect their families and establish territories. However, humans go out of their way to fight and develop weapons to make the effects of war increasingly devastating. Humans find more reasons and opportunities to fight were as chimpanzees merely try to survive in the wild.

  • No they are not

    Clearly, humans have been fighting wars for thousands of years, and we may not be the only ones. There is growing evidence that several other species also engage in warfare, including our closest relatives the chimpanzees. To say they are more war-like though, is purely speculative, as without sufficient communication, we can only theorize

  • No, chimpanzees not more war-like than humans.

    No, chimpanzees not more war-like than humans. There is no animal that craves war and competition like human beings. Chimpanzees may have some of the same traits as humans, but we build bombs and weapons simply for war. We focus so much time and money on our military that there is no comparison.

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