• This is offensive but true

    I know one polite Chinese. He is more kind than majority of Europeans and Americans.
    However sadly, it is true that Chinese people are selfish.
    Here is one of the reasons. There are so many extremely poor citizens everywhere in China, and therefore they cannot trust others easily; some need to deceive foreigners to stay alive next week as well.
    You are not able to sincerely support everyone starving you see in China. You may well to be said being selfish not feeding the poor, based on the norm of rich countries/ countries where the social security is well developed.
    Before criticizing Chinese being selfish rough and rude, we need to support their lives so that they trust each other and afford to care about others. Being selfish in china is not only your fault.

  • Selfish, Rude and disgusting

    They have no regard for normal social politeness. A line will quickly turn into a mob if there are any chinese people there, They push and butt in line like they're entitled. They will stand in the middle of busy pathways and expect you to go around. They clog up traffic by insisting to drive under or just barely at the speed limit with their oversized rear view mirrors. Just two weeks ago I was at an outlet mall and I saw this little chinese kid step directly outside the store and proceed to piss right at the entrance while his parents watched from inside the store. . . At least he stepped outside the store I guess. Needless to say everyone around had their jaws to the floor

  • I think yes

    They want to keep a man made island got them self, And the video of them taking in Vietnam Which was truly selfish. They are most likely selfish because when I went there nobody said Hello or welcome to our country. They just kept it to themselves. So I think that.

  • I am in expat living in China

    I am an expat who has lived in China for many years. I feel I am qualified to say that yes, On a whole Chinese people are incredibly self-centered. I would even argue that many Chinese would agree.
    Most Chinese today are only children. While the one-child policy is slowly going away the majority of the population grew up without learning to share and were coddled by their parents and grandparents, Leading to a selfish demeanor common in many only children.
    Moreover, Chinese children are taught to respect the elderly and teachers. This they do to a greater degree than any other children I have encountered. However, Beyond those two areas parents do not instill respect or concern for anybody else. There is little sense of community amongst Chinese beyond guanxi (family and friends and business associates).
    Yes, Chinese people are extraordinarily selfish.

  • Yes selfish and self centered

    I have worked in a Chinese restaurant. Everyone will sit together and not offer the hungry person a seat at their table. Well aware that the new waiter or member of staff is hungry. I pointed this out to them and they just laughed sheepishly and carried on. If by chance someone of another nationality working with them had to seat themselves at the table, He would quickly be made to fee uncomfortable and unwanted, To the point that one of the Chinese will quickly point out, %Why you sit here, You no sit here You no Chinese.

  • It is necessary to separate the country from the ethnicity

    Bad behavior is dependent on the country of origin. Taiwanese, Ethnic Chinese from Hong Kong or Singapore do not exhibit the same bad behavior as residents from mainland China.
    Many immigrants or travelers from the People's Republic bring their selfish attitude with them. They are infamous for ignoring the rules such as bringing in forbidden articles and playing ignorant of the regulations. This plays havoc for customs in Australia.
    People from the Mainland will only extend assistance to family members or their closest friends. Other Chinese in the community are given token consideration, While foreigners (Wàiguó rén) occupy the bottom of the social heap.
    In Tier 1 cities: baby emperors urinate or defecate in public, Adults clear their nose as well as spit on public sidewalks. In the ubiquitous wet markets animals are cruelly treated and slaughtered in unsanitary conditions.
    Mainland Chinese tourists take these bad habits with them when they go to other countries. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=K4LhUgynubs
    There is a Chinese idiom 能骗就骗 ("if you can cheat, Then cheat")

    Chinese fishing fleets poach fish from other countries waters. It has been aid that the Chinese would take every tuna in the sea, (even if it meant no more tuna for anyone in the future), Just so long as the boat captain could make a few more RNB.
    Mainland selfishness is epic and quite different from the attitudes of the good people in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

  • Yes they really are

    In a country where
    1. It is full of single children, Spoilt little princes and princesses
    2. They are used to exploiting their most vulnerable for financial gain
    3. A business opportunity is business opportunity, Even if you have to take from the vulnerable to get it
    4. Their economy is largely built on ventures that exploit the vulnerable i. E sweat shops etc

    What do you expect? Its a very different culture where concepts such as support and protect the vulnerable or treat others as you would like to be treated don't exist. They are entitled, Rude, Self centred and precious.

  • Chinese peoples are very-2 selfish.

    As a corona virus case everyone know china is originating this virus and in which they hide so many cases and they hide from the world the death ratio is very in large no. But they showing the fake report which shows that how selfish they are with the world and even with their peoples also

  • Yes, It’s their culture and it won’t change

    I work with three Chinese people who have been brought up in the U. K. Although they are polite and respect authority, They completely do not know the meaning of working as a team. They would never in a million years do something that helps others, It has to benefit them. At the same time, As most people like helping out others, They expect others to help them. They just take take take and never give back. I have never met such selfish people. Initially, I found it hard to understand their behaviour, But now I just accept that it is due to their upbringing. I would say it is more than just selfishness, But self-centredness. They don’t care for the problems other people face. As long as they don’t have that problem.

  • Are Chinese people selfish?

    Indeed! Chinese in general —no matter where they live—are selfish and self-centred. They denied their wrongs, They're being dishonest to havematerial gains, They feel entitled for everything even they didn't contribute a bit. The worse? They are not aware of their disgusting behaviour because they keep circling among themselves; the attitude's amplified due to their chauvinism. (This doesn't apply to second and further generations who were raised outside China).

  • Heck no people!

    Chinese people are not bad or selfish. They helped Britain, France, And USA takedown Germany in world war one and you people that said yes a they are selfish, You guys are trash. Look at history. There is proof that are not bad. You need to learn that said yes.

  • This is clearly stereotype!

    It is true that some people can be selfish, but not all. If you know one Chinese person who is selfish doesn't mean that all Chinese people are selfish. People are born to be nice, instead if they are educated wrongly. If you have a group of Chinese friends, you will realize that they are not all the same. I don't believe that there's no selfish people in any other countries.

  • This is offensive!

    I’m Chinese. I don’t see why there would be a stereotype about Chinese people being selfish, or why it is under education. And now I need more words. Okay. Let me just ask this question back: Would you like to be stereotypically referred to as selfish, or mean, or just not nice in general?

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  • No they are not here is proof

    Here is the proof that Chinese people are not selfish ok because Chinese people have helped many countries fight their enemies so see people on the yes and people who say yes are idiots and stupid ok ok so yeah my final answer is no ok ok ok bye bye

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