• This is offensive but true

    I know one polite Chinese. He is more kind than majority of Europeans and Americans.
    However sadly, it is true that Chinese people are selfish.
    Here is one of the reasons. There are so many extremely poor citizens everywhere in China, and therefore they cannot trust others easily; some need to deceive foreigners to stay alive next week as well.
    You are not able to sincerely support everyone starving you see in China. You may well to be said being selfish not feeding the poor, based on the norm of rich countries/ countries where the social security is well developed.
    Before criticizing Chinese being selfish rough and rude, we need to support their lives so that they trust each other and afford to care about others. Being selfish in china is not only your fault.

  • Yes selfish and self centered

    I have worked in a Chinese restaurant. Everyone will sit together and not offer the hungry person a seat at their table. Well aware that the new waiter or member of staff is hungry. I pointed this out to them and they just laughed sheepishly and carried on. If by chance someone of another nationality working with them had to seat themselves at the table, He would quickly be made to fee uncomfortable and unwanted, To the point that one of the Chinese will quickly point out, %Why you sit here, You no sit here You no Chinese.

  • Heck no people!

    Chinese people are not bad or selfish. They helped Britain, France, And USA takedown Germany in world war one and you people that said yes a they are selfish, You guys are trash. Look at history. There is proof that are not bad. You need to learn that said yes.

  • This is clearly stereotype!

    It is true that some people can be selfish, but not all. If you know one Chinese person who is selfish doesn't mean that all Chinese people are selfish. People are born to be nice, instead if they are educated wrongly. If you have a group of Chinese friends, you will realize that they are not all the same. I don't believe that there's no selfish people in any other countries.

  • This is offensive!

    I’m Chinese. I don’t see why there would be a stereotype about Chinese people being selfish, or why it is under education. And now I need more words. Okay. Let me just ask this question back: Would you like to be stereotypically referred to as selfish, or mean, or just not nice in general?

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