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  • Not With NSA's Surveillance Program

    The only thing China is doing successfully against American targets is hacking into various websites. Otherwise, the NSA's constant surveillance of worldwide targets through electronic communication seems to be doing an adequate job of keeping Chinese spies at bay. Spies aren't getting an easy ride because they mainly stay in China and infiltrated American targets from Chinese soil with the protection and blessing of the Chinese government. Unfortunately, we can't touch them because they are too entrenched.

  • Since we do the same to China, it's doubtful.

    I think in most cases, spies from both countries are benefiting from a perversion of the dirty hands doctrine well known in common law. Which is to say, they don't get prosecuted because the countries they're spying on are doing the same things to China. If we started prosecuting their spies, they would do the same to the ones they catch.

  • Spies are dealt with

    If any Chinese spies are seeming to get easy rides, chances are there is far more happening behind the scenes that people know about. The implications to China and US foreign policy in general is only one of several facets in the very nuanced and intricate international intelligence organizations and community.

  • No they are not

    No, anyone who is a spy for a country does not have an easy ride, since to be a spy you have to go through a lot of training and be willing to accept a lot of risk. If one of these spies are caught they can be killed for their actions.

  • Who Really Knows

    Given that spies keep their identity a secret and no one really knows that they are a spy, its hard to say if they are getting an easy ride or not. Not to mention its unclear what information they're really even seeking. Generally, the American population is not made aware of this problem.

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