• Too many people have the wrong idea of Christianity.

    1. ''Thou shall not kill'' people would point out that according to the Bible, homos deserve to die. I believe that it doesn't mean to actually kill the guy, but rehab him.

    2. God could have created the Big Bang. I do not think that the Bible goes against the theory.

    3. If Jesus blessed non-Christians, supposedly then non Chris can go to Heaven. I believe that Non-Chris people can go to Heaven if they are good people.

    A thought: So, the religion says that God is infinite. Adam was created in God's image. But God must have unlimited images. Could it be that Adam was a ape?

  • Yes they are

    The single most significant factor proving the existence of Christianity is the existence of Jesus. For many centuries he was for told and came to fore just as was professed.

    Many other religious leaders have done amazing things. But Jesus managed to change the way the whole world thought in 3 short years.

  • This is an extremely one-sided and loaded question.

    Why are we asking if Christianity is true? Why not the 4000+ other religions that exist in the world? It sounds like this is just another question someone's asking to draw out Christians and make them flounder while you use some scientific facts to prove us wrong. If such i the case, then I'd like to make two points. 1. Our belief is called a belief, not a scientific fact. 2. In the Bible, it says God reveals himself through his creation. Whether you see him or not, he's there. The real question is, do you have the faith to believe he's there?

  • I do think christian beliefs are true

    These are not based on previous myths, previous myths were mostly multiple gods in Greece and Rome. About gay marriage, god does love everybody but god made it to be man and woman not guy and guy or girl and girl and that is why Christians don't support gay marriage because it's not right but we still don't hate them.

  • That all depends

    People can believe whatever they want. However, if Christians don't base their beliefs on the Bible, that belief is in error. Some people say that the Bible can be interpreted many different ways. This is NOT TRUE! The Bible says what it says. It's the truth. It's infallible. The problem is with people who bring preconceived notions to it's interpretation.

  • They exist so they are true.

    They exist so they are true, the question whether they are rational is another one completely. Also Scientology Beliefs are true, Islamic beliefs are true, My beliefs are true. Are all these beliefs equal? No, they are certainly not, as to be rational requires justification. If the justification is God, then you need evidence to prove a god.

  • People have the wrong idea.

    God does love all of us equally. He loves homosexuals and bisexuals just as much as he does a heterosexual. Christians do not believe that sex is bad, in fact, it is good, but it has to be within the bond of marriage. Contrary to popular belief, someone CAN have sex with one person for their lifetime. And we do have free will. God gives us the ability to make our own choices. Somebody made an example of a UFO in a garden that you cannot see, touch, hear, or smell it. God is not like a UFO that fits the above description because he has been heard by countless people. One 4-year old boy went to heaven. You can believe whatever you want. There are no contradictions in the Bible and Christians are not hippocrites. Before you start to judge us, sit down and read the Bible. Maybe it will clear the foolish lies out of your head.

  • No they aren't.

    Christianity and the Bible itself is based on plagiarism of previous mythological figures and stories. The Bible was never a historically accurate piece of literature. There is absolutely no evidence supporting it. I am amazed that people even still believe in it considering the obvious flaws and lack of historical evidence.

  • No they are not

    I just don't believe it. We are too closely related to apes and I don't like the idea of one man having an opinion and judgement over all of us. Why should we believe GOD'S beliefs? (Gays being bad and such). He's one guy. Get a grip and do your own thing. I bet a lot of Christians (not all) aren't even happy because they can't do a lot of things because their God said it was wrong.

    If you wanna believe in God, fine, but I don't think he/she should have control over what we do.


  • Lack of evidence for compared to the evidence against.

    Psychology has proved now that people will believe things irrationally even when presented with evidence against their belief. A group of christian believers, believed the world was coming to and end and they said "The only way to get into heaven is to meet at that hilltop at dusk and pray" and when the world didn't end and the news reported said "do you still believe now the world didn't end?" their reply was "Well, it didn't end because we prayed" which goes completely against their original belief. People will lie or even make up things to get around anything damaging their belief.

    The bible is full of loop holes and so are the arguments of believers, in general. After they loose every argument it comes down to the paradoxical "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" which is true, of course it is, but it's also called "the argument from ignorance" for a reason. Okay, if that statement is true, then you can make all claims. You could say "There is a UFO in my yard, but you can't touch, smell, see or hear it, but it's there" which any rational person would say "Oh, well clearly there is not a UFO there" (even believers of a religion would likely say that), but when you turn the tables and say the same about their religion (and it is the same, there is absolutely no evidence to support he beliefs Christianity) suddenly the answer is "Nope, because it's faith", well, okay then fair enough, but why have faith in this bible, but not some guy saying he has a UFO in the garden. If you have faith in religion then you have to have faith in every single unbelievable thing, ever. Otherwise you're instantly an hypocrite.

    Now, I don't mind people supporting religion or going church, but I'm absolutely mortified when I see a religion invading our schools, government and private lives and especially when it causes wars. The religion has no place in society, but it's church and inside the minds and discussion of believers, in no way should it be making any decisions based on belief that will effect the lives of everyone. Religion has done enough damage in the past few thousand years to recent day (not just Christianity, but religion in general).

    And we won't even going into the evil, hypocrisy of Christianity, because I think you get my point.

  • No scientific Evidence.

    Just because a book says it's true does not mean it is true. That would be like saying middle Earth is real because it was written down. And for some god who "loves all" he sure hates homo/bisexuals an awful lot. Also there is no way that adam and eve ever existed. Or that there was some fruit tree or whatever. Also the whole: if you don't become christian you go to hell thing. What good does that do if you don't believe in Christianity and, thus, hell. If you are going to threaten somebody, at least make it something they are actually scared of. On a final note, just to clarify, I don't hate Christians, they can believe what they want (Except anti-gays) I just hate how greedy some of their beliefs are. Infact a friend of my moms, is a openly gay black Christian priest.

  • Certainly not all them

    Christains believe that sex is bad while the results of sex are good and intended by god as it says god made every kid the way that they are. Our kids couldnt be exactly the way that they are if we waited till marriage and never had sex with more than one person for a life time. Christians believe that everything happens for a godly reason. This and the saying that god makes every child the way that they are contradict the belief in free will. Because if everything happens for gods reasons then he is in control over us. If we have free will and are in control over ourselve then what happens (human will) is happening for our reasons and not gods reasons so there is another contradiction. These arent the only contradictions in the bible

  • I don't think most christians really even believe it

    Rather they tell themselves they do because they are scared of hell and it's a nice notion - seeing your family again after you die in this magical paradise that you get to go to just for asking for forgiveness. Who wouldn't sign up for that if they could make themselves think they actually believe it?

  • The Christian religion is based on previous myths.

    History can, and does, show that the miracles in Torah as well as the New Testament are tales retold from the myths contained in the myths that preceded it. Noah and Moses along with the whole myth of Jesus Christ can be found in earlier writings.

    Even if you wish to believe the 'miracles', you simply cannot believe that only your characters did those things, or that your god did was working under another name, logic would show that none of the various myths contain "The Truth".

  • Beliefs is a broad term

    If we're speaking from the aspect of whether there is a god or goddess or even more than one, I say no. I personally believe that there is not credible evidence in science to say any deity does or does not exist. I do not think a deity exists but anything is possible until proven otherwise. From the stance on "sins", I'd say yes but not the way American & modern Christians view it. In Christianity there is a system of how you determine if a sin has been committed. I'll use murder as an example. "Bob killed a person." Does that mean Bob sinned? No because it doesn't state whether or not Bob killed somebody in cold blood or killed somebody in order to save other people from dying. One is an act of heroism, the other is a horrendous sin. It's a system of relative morality that's used and that's a good system of weighing good versus bad except for the way Christians have a selective way of putting absolute morality on things like homosexuality. If you have a person say "I'm gay" then they all jump to say "Sinner!" I think their ethnic system is has became tainted and is now false/wrong because of the way they're to confirm their bigotry with it instead of being true Christians. No because I don't believe in theism & No because they've tainted their morality gauge with bigotry, ignorance and hatred.

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