Are Christians' and Muslims' First Commandments the same?

Asked by: LoopsEye
  • They both regard their gods as having no equal.

    Technically, the gods both represent entirely different ideals. However, the point they are trying to make in their respective first Commandments are the same. They both state that their god is the highest authority and to worship another is against their religion. Also, that everything in the world has been based on them.

  • We are the same!

    Allah and Yahweh are the one and same! We worship the same God, just different ways. We do not have to fight, but join in hands and meet Allah/Yahweh at the gates to heaven and He will welcome us with a smile because we have finally realized what has been right in front of our faves the whole time. Peace among us.

  • Christian and Muslim "first" commandments are not the same, strictly speaking.

    Speaking in the strictest sense, as in comparing the two sets of commandments (from the Bible and Quran) next to each other and reading them, the two commandments are not the same. Regardless of order, however, the wording of many of the commandments of both religions would sound very familiar to people of both faiths.

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