Are Christians (and their God) partly to blame for the current state of the world?

Asked by: Juan_Pablo
  • Yes. Absolutely. Definitely.

    Wow. Where to start? It's just all backwards, to set man in stone, to make excuse for his wickedness, to trap him in his wickedness. For example, the whole "man is inherently evil" bit - there's a justification if ever there was one, right? And to be saved, all one needs do is follow 10 measly Commandments, which allow otherwise for complete selfishness/monstrosity, even seemingly to the degree of murder, so long as it's in war/"retribution". Christianity basically teaches monstrosity - simple as - and gets people all caught up in a terrible delusion that's very, very hard to put down. The right-wing Christian is justified; all manner of deviousness outside of the 10 Commandments is justified; the Christian monster may pretty much rape and pillage and to top it all off he goes to heaven. Hallelujah!

  • Are the fervent beliefs of Christians partly to blame for the current state of the world?

    Modern Christianity (whether God is real or not) is partly to blame for the poor quality of the world, for the large scale ignorance, for the feeling of worldwide Christian entitlement, and for the suffering that has occurred at the insistence of Christian followers. To be fair, I do believe that God is real and that God reveals himself through Christians beliefs, and I believe shares some of that blame. God is frequently the monster that makes this world a difficult place to live out of his own arrogance and lust for power! Just because a God exist does not necessarily indicate that he is good.

  • God is all powerfull

    God is mad at the people on earth because they have turned their backs on him and put other things in his place of honer. People have started to worship things other than him, like money, food, video games... (etc) Country have had their shield of protection removed because they turned their back on god.

  • I am a Christian and this is true.

    Yes. We have failed. Christians are supposed to be salt and light. We are to oppose evil ( not affirm it ). We are to love others, as ourselves. We have the words of truth, but many do not share them, for fear of being persecuted. Yes, Christianity is failing because Christians are not practicing it.
    The only way to solve the worlds problem ( sin ) is so spread the Gospel. But it doesn't happen as often as it should. Instead you see lukewarm, cultural Christians who are hypocrites ( call themselves Christians, but deny the very words of the Bible ) or, worse yet, actual ( born again ) Christians who are cowardly committing the sin of silence, and going with social norms rather than telling people the truth.
    Yes, Jesus charged us with the great commission ( go into the world and preach the gospel to every living creature ), but sadly, not everyone is on board. I am guilty, as well. I do not spread the gospel as much as I should. The Bible predicted that we would fail, as Christians, and things would get darker and darker still. And here we are, getting worse by the day. Are we in the downward spiral? Can we pull out? I don't know. But I do know this, REAL Christians ( fundamentals, born again, non-liberal ) are to blame, because it is our duty to preach it and we haven't been. The liberal Christian, the non-regenerate Christian, the cultural Christian, they are not to blame, because they aren't actually Christians ( according to the Bible ). They are the world, and need to be saved. I hope this message reaches the right people. And reminds you to do your job. I know I have been slacking, try as I might.

  • Genesis 1:28 Can Be Blamed For Much Of The Destruction.

    In Genesis and elsewhere Psalm 8:6, where humans are given dominion over the Earth and the works of their God. Many Western Christian civilizations have taken this to the extreme and produced massive Christian Glut. Which is something Catholicism excelled at.
    Christianity and even Judaism had never been environmentally friendly religions.
    They wrongly put humans above all other creatures and the land, now we are suffering for it.

  • Yes, of course they are.

    Because everyone that walks this earth is partly to blame for the current state of this world. To argue that Christians don't play a part in this is simply dishonest and incredibly irresponsible. Being a Christian doesn't stop someone from being a horrible person, and it doesn't stop even good people from doing horrible things.

  • Kinda yeah, sadly

    You know how every once in a while something gets a huge fandom that absolutely ends up out of control? Christianity was the first thing to do that, and theres a nice chunk of history where Christianity absolutely screwed up parts of the world for no good reason at all, at least partly putting us in the poop-storm that is the world today.....

  • Yes they are (some of them).

    There are definitely those chill peeps who can hear someone is Wiccan and be fine (and other stuff like that), but the extreme christians that mess up our world are definitely real. Examples: endless debates that Harry Potter supports Satan, the Golden Compass movie (and I do count Islam, Mormon and that stuff, they all support the idea of God, Jesus, and Satan). Religious things just make some people stick their heads where they aren't wanted and cause a ruckus. This is why I like Wicca, they all chill, just annoyed because extreme Christian followers run away screaming "Satan! Evil! Witchcraft! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Because they don't see the idea that there are tons of religions, and all are just as true as yours, and to respect the fact that people want to watch a movie, read a book because its interesting, not because they want to conspire with the "devil".

  • I'm Christian heads up.

    Everyone is to blame. Christians Muslims Jews atheists as everyone else. If this debate is trying to target Christians well then you're not very intelligent. It's everyone, every religion, for different reasons. I'd suggest you gain some knowledge before starting a debate like this. This involves the whole world of cultures and religions, you better be prepared to comprehend that.

  • Only if you stereotype all Christians.

    Not all Christians are the same. Some of them are radicals and are very ignorant to many things in this world, including what they're /supposed/ to be believing. If you're talking about radical Christians, then, yes, they probably are the cause of some of the problems in this world. But some Christians are trying to make this world a better place. Also, even if we're not talking about the different types of Christians, this question is extremely one-sided. Why are Christians to blame, but not people of other religions? In addition, I don't think it's any one religion that we can blame for the problems of the world. Look at other parts of the world like North Korea. There are barely any Christians there and their country is going to hell in a hand basket. Can you blame Christians for the problems there? No. That's related to governing, and many other problems in the world come from the leaders that are chosen, not from God or Christians. In fact, the radical Christians probably only make up a very infinitesimal amount of the problems we deal with today.

  • No more than any other religion.

    It pains me to see this recurring fallacy; a slippery slope at best. It is man that has made the world as it is today. Radicals and hypocrites from all religions- people who "kill" for their God. People who use their religion to further their greedy endeavors. Priests, tyrants, kings, terrorists- you name it. To blame religion for mankind's corruption, is similar to that of blaming spoons for the rise of obesity. I want to think that true religion would be beautiful, if mankind were taking out of the picture. But maybe then, religion would cease to exist?

  • Absolutely not. It is the non Christians fault.

    How would it be the Christians' fault? They are all trying to get to Heaven so they are all being nice and helping others. They care about other humans, while non-Christian could care less about their actions because they believe in no repercussions after life. It is mostly the non-Christians fault with a few exceptions.

  • 93% of wars are over land, money and power

    In their recently published book, "Encyclopedia of Wars," authors Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod document the history of recorded warfare, and from their list of 1763 wars only 123 have been classified to involve a religious cause, accounting for less than 7 percent of all wars and less than 2 percent of all people killed in warfare. While, for example, it is estimated that approximately one to three million people were tragically killed in the Crusades, and perhaps 3,000 in the Inquisition, nearly 35 million soldiers and civilians died in the senseless, and secular, slaughter of World War 1 alone.

    History simply does not support the hypothesis that religion is the major cause of conflict. The wars of the ancient world were rarely, if ever, based on religion. These wars were for territorial conquest, to control borders, secure trade routes, or respond to an internal challenge to political authority.

  • No More Than Any Other Belief System

    The same question could be asked of any other belief system. For example, are atheists partly to blame for the current state of the world? Are Buddhists? Are people who believe in ghosts?

    The list goes on and on. To single out one belief system for blame is ignorant and stupid, so the answer is a clear no.

  • Why are these opinions even posted?

    I dont want to say much. But no, i completely disagree. Look at our past mostly christians or any other religious beliefs, lived here and it was never like this. So who is to blame the people that have lived here as a society longer or the aitheist coming out in the open a century time period ago. You can have your opinion but in fact wise, in common sence, this question if any thing should be reversed. The only other thing that made you have this opinion is that you go against religion and try to make us look like we are the enemy, god has put you here because you didnt side with Lusifer(satan), instead u sided with god. And when judgement day does come, you will relised it.

  • Extremists and loonies... Not Christians

    Christians are not to blame. Extremists are to blame. Christianity is not an inherently evil religion, it is based on the ideas of loving and treating one another as friends and as equals. Religion is made to explain the unexplained, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there are always extremists. Christians, Muslims, even atheists all have their ugly side. The bad deeds Christians have done are cases of this extremism. Sometimes these deeds have other motives than just religion. Take the Crusades, for example. Obviously religious, right? While the crusades used religion as a scapegoat, they were not inherently religious. The pope (who was also a political leader at the time) wanted to recapture land; he used Christianity as a motivation for the peasants. This same situation can be replicated with other religions or beliefs. There will always be extremists, regardless of religion. We shouldn't blame religion, we should blame human nature.

  • Christians are the love that this world desperately needs

    Catholics are the world's largest charity organization. They stand up for what is right and for what is best for the greater good. They know what they are talking about and provide science and reasoning to prove it. Christians like Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc and many others changed the world for the better. And Pope John Paul the second stopped communism in Poland. Amazing right?

  • All of humanity is to blame

    It's an obvious statement but humanity's obsessive lust for power and dominion is to blame for the current state of the world. Christians are merely one part of humanity and are no more to blame than any other religion, sect, cult, following, movement or power that has existed in humanity's timeline.

  • Not all of them

    Evil comes in every form. There are other religions that committed horrible atrocities, such as Islam, does it mean all of them are evil? There are elitists in every religion and sect. It's not fair to blame it on just one religion. It's counterproductive too. There are bigger causes to problems than religion.

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Juan_Pablo says2014-01-08T11:35:07.803
I apologize to Janet and to all Christians and to everybody offended by my posts! I was really angry with God at the time and I was pissed! I apologize to everyone who was deeply offended by some of the mean comments in my posts.
SweetTea says2014-01-08T12:02:50.367
This is either the most insane opinion question, or just one of many attacks at Christians, that I've seen on DDO. Maybe, it's both? We are all responsible for the current state the world is in. No believer, or non-believer, is innocent. We have all played a role, in some capacity, and continue to do so. No single deity, or dogma, can be considered the sole problem (excuse the pun). The current state of the world, whether you see it as good or bad, cannot be blamed on religion or the lack of. If a finger must be pointed, consider these: apathy, greed, power, politics, policies, etc.
KingDebater says2014-01-12T18:42:22.400
Christians make up a big % of the overall population, so they inevitably would've changed the world in some way, in some ways good and some ways bad.
Juan_Pablo says2014-01-12T21:57:32.137
Yes. I acknowledge that everyone is too blame for the modern state of the world, not just Christians! I admit this.