• Not only Christians but all monotheists.

    Just compare the Sacred Texts and the real facts.

    God appeared, spontaneously
    Universe created in a seven days
    Earth is less than 10'000 years
    Man created as God's image and was the first on Earth
    Woman generated from man's bacculum
    Dinosaurs never existed, as fossils are the devil's work
    Earth is flat
    Sun orbits around the Earth
    The moon and the stars are a picture to hide paradise
    Unlimited ground and food resources
    Soul exists as the heaven and hell
    Perpetual life (particularly after death) and resurrection
    Pray strongly and things will fall from the sky, but help yourself
    God and angels sometimes speaks in your head
    Objects appears in front of your eyes only, not others, because you are the choosen
    If a fact have no explanation in Sacred Text, that's witchcraft and must be destroyed
    If an expected fact came (mostly too late), that's a miracle
    And so many other things.

    Every part of monotheist's texts and arguments have been factually proven as false and never true. But someone continues to believe.

  • Christans wish they were stupid

    Christans are the most arrogant dumbest people who live yeah they are nice but are ultra stupid and say screwed up stuff like drink the blood of god in my religion we cut our heads and I think this is screwed up to claim to drink gods blood I'm a ex-christan I'm Mexican became a Shia Muslim there are lots of reasons why pleas do your selves a favor end christanity becom a Hindu or Satanists or any thing but pleas do your self the favor and leve christanity save your selves

  • Faith does not determine one's I.Q.

    Billy Graham; the Westboro Baptist Church. Stephen Hawking; qopel. There are smart Christians, dumb Atheists, and vice versa. Having a belief does not inherently determine how smart you are.

    Since this question's really not worth my fifty words, allow me this time to talk about John Madden for awhile. John Madden is cool. There you go.

  • Think this guy has a hate-trend towards Christians.

    This along with the debate, this guy seems to be a hate-speaker against the Christian population. Really this guy must have feelings against the freedom of religion. Whatever you believe keep it to yourself, your hate-speeches will not sway anyone towards your cause. Most Christians are raised into their belief, saying they are stupid for following it is the equivalent to saying an American is stupid for celebrating thanksgiving. As far as a reason for belief goes, do you think you're the most significant creature in this universe? Christianity is just a way of expressing the humility that comes with admitting you're not the most important thing alive.

  • Really? Who posted this?

    This isn't worth my time. I hope that we all know that no group is stupid. I am going to waste some more words here. I kinda like breaking bad. I don't like walking dead though. I know John Krasinski (jim from the office) is in an upcoming movie, but I forge which one.

  • Not dumb as people, but dumb for their beliefs

    I know very bright, intelligent religious people. So it wouldn't be fair for me to say they were all stupid- BUT it always shocks me how someone with more then half a brain can so blindly follow this religion with NO evidence whatsoever, and follow the bible considering all that's written in it, condoning slavery, rape and so on. Then, there are some christians who are smarter then others. I think the smart ones are the ones who admit to basing their beliefs purely on faith and nothing else. Then there are the dumb ones who try to prove the existence of God with evidence- which doesn't exist.

    Posted by: sota
  • What brings hope, is not stupid

    I'm not a big fan of Christians myself... I'm 14 and forced to go to a Mormon church every Sunday. There are things I believe and things I don't. I used to think Christians were stupid, yes. But I got closer to one of them and got to know him, and they completely believe what they teach, and hear. I don't think any belief, no matter how bizarre,is stupid. What brings these people hope, is not stupid.

  • Listen Up NOW

    Half the stuff you said is VERY false. Please do research before you criticize us. I respect you as a person but your opinion is very rude. We do not believe the earth is flat; Nor do we believe stuff falls from the sky. You lose. Thanks for playing. Buh-bye!

  • No they are not

    Why aren't they? Because they believe in what they believe in, they don't make things up just to prove themselves right. Yes, there are some Christians that are rude, but it's because the people who aren't Christians or are athiests always treat them like they're a nobody. Which is wrong, the people who treat them like that are the one's that are dumb.

  • Christians aren't necessarily dumb.

    Plenty of Christians, or people of any religion, can be smart or dumb, for religion is based on faith rather than knowledge. They are on separate spectrums. Correlations between IQ and irreligion has been shown--countries with high atheist and agnostic demographics have higher mean IQs--but that doesn't mean that belief in the Bible decreases one's IQ points. Correlation does not equal causation.

  • Faith has nothing to do with knowledge

    You can get dumb Christians, and you get intelligent Christians, as well, but faith has absolutely got NOTHING to do with your knowledge. Whoever thinks that they are, are dumb, because everybody has got to know one of the most simple things like this. Anyway, nobody has said this so far, which is a good thing.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-09-22T17:57:40.997
I believe their belief system is rather dumb. But I wouldn't necessarily call them dumb, they are more mislead or well indoctrinated instead of dumb. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they are dumb for believing in God but their system is dumb. They believe in a book written by men and say God wrote it. They believe God made everything unless it is something bad, but will still say he made everything. They believe everything God does is good including any children that die because God works in mysterious ways. Their system of belief is rather unintelligent but the people themselves will vary obviously.