• Corrupt laws threaten our rights

    As Christians it is our duty to oppose homosexuality, abortion, and the other sins that society has accepted. But what happens when new homosexuality laws make our religion into hate speech? We are against many of the sick things that people do. What if speaking out against those is made illegal too. I believe that the country we created is now rejecting us. How long will it be before all our views are silenced because they made someone uncomfortable?

  • It Is Within YOU

    A good Christian can only become endangered if they allow themselves to be. Christ is in your heart. I'll admit that lately being a Christian, or talking about being one in public has become more akin to a dirty secret. We are viewed as hate mongers, and it's up to us to ensure that we hate the sin, not the sinner. Because guess what, we are all sinners, the bible tells us so. And in God's eyes, no one sin is greater than another. Keep Christ in your heart, tollerance in your mind, and remember it's not your job to save those who don't feel they need to be saved. Love your family, love your neighbor, love your enemy as yourself.

  • Within their hearts...Yes

    So what does it mean to be True Christians? They are the followers of Christ, who are trying to be Christ-like. These Christians are endangered today with many worldly distractions. Not many bring Christ in their actions. People are distracted by temporary pleasures. We are all victim of devil's trap. It's easy for people to be in sinful nature. The way of Christ is not easy because we are imperfect. But Christians look forward with God as their Hope, with Faith in Jesus, and with Love that Christ gave us.

  • We are discouraged

    I don't know if we're endangered, but we certainly are discouraged from being Christians. Gays tell Christians to be tolerant of their views, but they don't tolerate Christian views. They call conservative Christians, such as myself, homophobic (a made up word). I know there are many nice atheists and many mean Christians. However, I THINK atheists are less tolerant of Christians than they admit. I don't think the separation of church and state was to keep the government out of the church, but to prevent government officials from arresting people for not believing the mainstream religion.

  • Of course. Human advancement is one of the biggest threat to any religion.

    According to the bible, humans were created dumb or naive, and because of human's lack of understanding they were allowed to be close to God (to be in God's Garden of Eden). However, that fruit of knowledge, that advancement placed man away from God.

    And, throughout history, the more humans have learned, the more powerful humans became, and the more humans are better at controlling their lives and everything around them, the more they ignored this God.

    Today, technology is mainly advancing humans more and more. Some say, the current age of human existence now is the Age of Information. With all that information, all that knowledge, all that power, becoming easier to access at the mere touch of your fingertips, just how long can Christians ignore these fruits of knowledge?

    Living with that Tree of Knowledge, it was only a matter of time before Adam and Eve bit that fruit of knowledge. Hence, living in today's information system, it'll only be a matter of time before Christians start swallowing all this knowledge.

  • Indeed they are!

    The world is changing. People are becoming wise to the world of gods. As humanity gets wiser, religion is slowly replaced by rational thinking. Historically this has been proved in such countries that are more secular. The new generations have more compassion for humans than they do for an invisible friend and its thoughts that are old, archaic and not in the best interest of mankind! Numerous polls show that the balancing beam of the religious and non religious is changing in favor for the non-religious.

  • Christians are cry babies.

    They make up the majority of the population, and yet they feel as if they are the ones being persecuted. Are you kidding me? The only reason they complain is because they can't force everyone to pray, and they can't force everyone to believe in what they want.They want to force everybody to do exactly what they want to do, and they want the separation of church and state to be abolished, which is just awful.

  • Don't be ridiculous.

    Christians make up 75% of the American population. Nearly all of the members of Congress identify as Christian. And the three most hated groups in America according to recent research are (in order of most hated) atheists, homosexuals, and Muslims. So who exactly is magically threatening Christians? It is ludicrous to listen to the majority with all the power whine on about persecution.

    What many Christians today are calling "persecution" and being "threatened" is really just them not getting special treatment any more. We are actually following the Constitution in our government and public schools and not allowing these to endorse their religion. We are not allowing their beliefs to dictate the law or the behavior of those who don't share their beliefs.

    Sorry, Christians, but cry me a river, build a bridge, then get over it.

  • Nope, not on your life.

    Assuming by "society" my opponent meant the American society, because we are not all one society (which a lot of the "Yes" advocates seem to think...). The vast majority of America is Christian, and its influence is so powerful, some members of the Republican party use it as a tool. "Jesus loves us, therefore, vote for us!" "Obama is the antiChrist, don't vote for Satan!" et cetera.

    And people think they're endangered?
    Of course, if the OP meant another country in the Middle East somewhere, then the answer might change. However, until I stand corrected, I'm saying "No!"

  • They are not,

    If they are they are just endangering themselves, by forcing their religion on other people it turns away other people who might be interested but grew up with different beliefs, it makes people feel oppressed so they do oppressive actions. You can't see an opposing viewpoint without being open in the first place. This is what gets you more information. I feel like they are the majority, and anything else is Christian media hype to disguise the fact that they are a bigoted hate movement. For instance freedom from religion has been around for awhile yes, but some states are bringing it back such as public prayer in schools. Now this would be an OK thing for me but what about wiccans, pagans, Jewish, catholic, Muslims, Buddhism etc... Now I know other religions have their own things but the point of the matter is, Christians don't have hard time with praying in public, but will condemn others who are different, they will make it look like they are the ones being victimized but when another person is practicing their religion they will say well why don't you follow OUR GOD? Meaning its ok for others to practice religion so long as its their religion and I don't like that. Christianity is indeed a large majority.

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