• Yeah, by me.

    Yeah so no one was on this side. So here I am being an Anarchist. I challenge any Christian to a God debate. Christians are under attack by me in America not by me physically but verbally! Why? Because they indoctrinate children about a make believe afterlife, that if they don't believe in this imaginary dictatorship they will burn in hell. That my friends is child abuse and I don't support that. I will let you know I don't if you cross my path with your own bigotry.

  • No they aren't...

    Christians in America aren't "under attack," many of them just cry and whine about not being able to force their beliefs other people. The very idea of tolerance, respect and coexistence eludes them and they feel as if they have the "freedom" and "right" to dictate legislation and deny the rights of everyone else they do not agree with. I am honestly tired of the majority, whether it be religious, ethnic or sexual, complaining about being "oppressed" and "under attack" when it's clearly the other way around. They aren't oppressed, they're just blinded by their own privilege and feel threatened by the very idea of losing the power they have over other people.

  • Not to me

    Chris Cuomo from CNN did another interview with potential 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson on LGTB issues and he mentioned, "this idea that Christians are under assault". It seems like Christians believe that their religious freedom is being attacked in light of advancements in rights for the LGTB community. In this country, you have the freedom to be a Christian as long as you do not actually live out your faith, take a stand in relation to your faith or believe other people should embrace your faith.

  • Hypocrisy in the finest form

    Christianity is not under attack in america. In 2012, it was reported that 78.2% of Americans identify as Christians. They are the majority here. But when some other religious group does something they dont like (i.E building mosques, not being religious, or refusing to accept Christianity), Christian media(particularly FOX news) cries wolf and claims Christians are targeted for being Christian. It is massively hypocritical when they support building churches overseas in ther middle east or africa, but when a Muslim Mosque is built here, it is WW3 because someone believes something different.

  • Joke of the day

    Lol Christians are the majority in america and it's actually the Christians attacking others most of the times. Just look at Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and it shows how Christians are basically given the right to discriminate against homosexuals. This is just one examples of countless others where Christians basically act like they are the ones being persecuted when they are persecuting others.

  • Even less than white cishet men

    I would say Christians are the least attacked religion, and are the most sensitive to "attacks." They seem to take things like LGBTQA+ rights, the existence of abortion, and religious diversity as attacks, then expect people with different beliefs to be completely fine with Christians trying to convert them, or tell them that they wouldn't be sad if they just put all their faith in god, etc. And if anyone does legitimately disrespect the religion, they won't let anyone hear the end of it. Being raised in a christian household myself, I know a huge amount of christian children are taught from an early age that Everyone Hates Christians, People Will Think You're Uncool, You Will Be The Most Oppressed And People Will Avoid You :( :( :( There is virtually no social stigma around being christian, whereas if you were to tell someone you practiced, for example, LaVeyan Satanism, just imagine what would happen, even if the actual religion makes a lot of sense or is more ethical than Christianity.

  • Think about it.

    In a nation where 70% of its people are Christian, i have no idea why they feel "attacked" Yes, the world is changing there is a whole group of people who are attacking Americans, but they're not singling a certain religious group. They hate are way of life. So gay marriage is now legal nation wide, so. Does it change your way of life? You may not agree with it, but aren't Christians supposed to "love thy neighbor" not to pass judgment on to others? Or does that only apply to other Christians?

  • No, not really

    Not really. I mean there are some non-religious people that get a little carried away about their anti-religious position and beat-up on Christians. Suggesting teaching a child about faith is brainwashing and child abuse is a little over the top. I would not describe that as being under attack though.

    If there is a "threat" to Christianity then the biggest one is probably Christians and the church. The fall in church attendance, the scandals, the lower number of people becoming priests. This is not the fault of atheists but of Christians.

    Christians can practice their faith which does not have to include refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple. Practicing your faith is suppose to include, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and visiting the sick. This is not happening as much as it should amongst many Christians and that is not because of liberal laws or Islam. It is because many Christians are not doing it or as much as they should be doing it.

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