Are Christians who say they don’t believe in dreams hypocrites?

  • Bible Confirms Dreams as Means of Divine Communication

    The bible establishes dreams as confirmed means of communication between god and men as is recorded in the cases of Solomon, Joseph and others yet when I tell some Christians that god talks to me in dreams they say that my dreams come from the devil and that they don’t believe in dreams.

  • It doesn't make them a hypocrite because they don't believe in dreams.

    People forget that there are any different types of Christians in modern society and not all of them believe every single word that is in the Bible. Yes messages were passed on through what we would interpret as dreams. But is there a difference between a normal dream and a dream due to divine intervention? Unless of course you're taking the approach that they're hypocrites because all of 'Christianity' is a dream then you're stupid and I'm not going go bother replying to that.

  • What? I don't even...

    This is actually quite painful... I mean seriously guys, are you really going to judge someone for not believing in a dream? As many bad things as some Christians have done, this is actually among the worst. I understand that its in the bible, and I understand that its a part of tradition, but Religion is what you believe in. You can't tell someone not to believe in something, nor can you tell someone to believe something. Believing in dreams or not believing in dreams doesn't make or break you as a Christian, it just means that you don't believe in Dreams. Its just like Christians who believe in gay marriage, It doesn't mean that they aren't Christian, it means that they don't go along with one little piece of tradition

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