Are Christmas, Halloween and Easter Pagan Holidays?

  • Its takes gut to see the truth

    Traditions are made by man and not questioned.
    Christmas is on par with Halloween as being evil and Easter is third.
    All those date were made by the catholic church for the pagans. It is documented and yule time comes from the pagans.
    Jesus followed the Jewish calendar and was born before August. But those people claim that they want to celebrate Jesus birthday and yet do it the wrong day.
    Why are you doing it on the wrong day?
    I will tell you from experience those churches that participate in those three holidays all of them have their youth leave them for the world when they grow up.
    Do not do what everyone else does do what the bible tells you do not be conform to this world but be transformed.
    And that the world will find it strange that you do not do the same things they do.

  • Last I checked, The answer is yes,

    But there are some ignorant people, Or perhaps seasoned debaters that have made the argument that Christmas is not a Pagan holiday. Not so sure about Halloween and Easter though. I actually made this exact argument against my American History class two years ago. It was me and the teacher against 20 or 30 blissfully ignorant students. A lost cause? Yes, But for some reason, I took great pleasure in trying to educate the ignorant. As far as I know, No one on the opposing side had seen the light, And in a way, They're better of that way. I don't wanna be the guy who ruined the holidays for (maybe) more than two dozen Juniors in High School.

  • Yes they are

    During the Roman Empire (after Constantine when all of Rome was Christian) Theodosius banned all pagan practices and holidays. To replace them came Christmas, Easter, And Halloween. As someone else said:

    Christmas was Yule a time to celebrate the end of darkness and a turn towards spring. Its held on the Solstice each year.

    Easter was Ostara and celebrated the coming of spring, New life, And fertility. It is held on the Equinox.

    Halloween was Samhain (pronounced Saw-Wain) and held between the fall equinox and yule. It represented the end of harvest, The beginning of winter, Connection with ancestors, And the time when the walls between the spirit world and our world were weakest.

    As a practicing Pagan (who also celebrates the Christain version for family (secularly)) I would highly recommend celebrating these holidays with a group just for fun because they are highly enjoyable.

  • First off, Paganism isn't evil.

    It's true many of our holidays come from pagan holidays that were just re-purposed and changed a little. What a lot of people seem to think though is that paganism is evil and the holidays come from evil roots which is completely false. I know this because I am pagan myself! Most of our holidays are based on the wheel of the year, Aka the changing seasons. I won't get into every holiday and it's counterpart here, But you should look up the Wheel of the Year if you wish to know more.

    Halloween is based on an old holiday called Samhain.

    Christmas is based on an old holiday called Yule

    And easter is based on another old holiday called Ostara.

    All of these celebrate different times of the year, Like Ostara celebrates spring and the returning of life in nature.

  • Not all three

    Ok, So Halloween is pagan. Christmas has some mixed information, Although it seems that it was originated by pagans but then was taken over by christians as a celebration of Jesus' birth. Easter is definitely christian though. It's a celebration of Jesus' resurrection, Making it the most christian day of the year.

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