• You're not bringing joy to the world by depleting the planet's resources

    It's short-sighted. You may be happy now, but just think of all the famine, extreme weather, and extinction of species down the road. People don't live enough, or think about other people's perspectives. Two-thirds of Africa doesn't even have electricity to make their daily lives better. Why waste it killing the Earth.

  • It is wasteful, but not a bad thing.

    In short yes it is a waste of plastic, electricity and copper. All of which could be put to a more efficient use elsewhere. The Definition of waste being: an actor instance of using or expending something carelessly, extravagantly or to no purpose. By that definition christmas lights meet one or two of the criteria, depending on your views. Is it wasteful yes, but then by that definition, and its second criteria in particular, most things are wasteful. Now the real question, the question that has been answered by the Yes crowd, does it matter? That answer is not really. If i tried ti cut out all wasteful action in my life i would live a boring life. Are christmas lights wasteful, yes. Will I drive around looking at the best displays in my town this Christmas season, yes. Will I feel guilty about it, no.

  • No, Christmas lights are not a waste of electricity.

    I believe that Christmas lights are not a waste of electricity. Some people definitely overdo their Christmas lights with massive displays, but that it is not norm. Lights add a feeling of festivity in a period of darkness (winter) and definitely help people get into the spirit of Christmas. Since lights are only used for a short time around Christmas, it is not a waste of electricity.

  • No there not

    There not a waste of electricity because its the holidays you want to show how much spirit you have. And if no other way then put up lights and show your neighbors that you love the holidays and that you have the most HOLIDAY SPIRIT! My house has a bunch of lights and little blow up characters too. :)

  • It is creating happiness

    The purpose of electricity is to make our lives better and happier. The use of Christmas lights very clearly makes a lot of people happy so therefore it is fulfilling a purpose. A possible compromise is that we could try to use low energy Christmas lights instead of the older power consuming ones.

  • It's one month, light up the world!

    A waste is only a waste if it has no intrinsic value or cannot be afforded. Almost anything can be construed to be wasteful but those who do not hold an appreciation for it. Some things simply have value as a result of the joy and happiness they bring, and this applies to Christmas lights! If you enjoy lights and can afford to burn them, light up your little piece of the world for all to enjoy.

  • I don't think so.

    A friend of mine stated that he believes the festive lights are sucking electricity up and are to expensive to really enjoy. I don't necessarily agree but I want to know what you think please comment on this. I am wondering if he believes that the lights just aren't worth it.

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